Logging calorie's burned

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I have myfitnesspal linked to my fitbit account. When I exercise should I be logging this into myfitnesspal for the calorie's burned or will this be done automatically since I have both accounts linked? Example if I walk 30 minute on the treadmill and burn 250 calories do I have to manually input this information? Also on myfitnesspal why does it ask for the time when you start exercising?


  • ColinsMommaOC
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    It is done automatically so long as it is step based activity (running, walking, dancing etc) If it is something like Yoga, swimming biking - then you would need to log it separate in either Fitbit OR MFP, not both. MFP asks you for the start time and duration because it will override the Fitbit data for that specific time to avoid double logging the exercise.
  • FrankWhite27330
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    Map my apps. Sync if told to in settings. Yours may be the same