High Protein Fish Burgers

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This will probably be one of the easiest fish burger recipes you'll ever make.

It's made with cod, a fish found in the North Pacific. Low in fat and high in protein, this makes for an ideal muscle building food!


The recipe uses frozen cod, often frozen in blocks of 100 grams each.

Ingredients (4 burgers)

400 grams of (frozen) cod
3 eggs
3 tbsp oat flour (you can use regular flour)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp of seasoning of choice, in this recipe, we used a pizza seasoning blend
1 tsp chili flakes
coconut oil for cooking


First, defrost the cod until it's soft. Next, in a food processor (or one of these) grind the cod, while adding the spices, salt and flour.
Whisk the eggs and mix it into the cod until it's all combined.
Form the mixture into 4 patties.

Heat some oil in a pan and cook the burgers on both sides until brown and cooked, for about 20 mins on a medium heat.

If you want to cook the sides, just lift the burgers on the side and cook them all around.



  • chloeelizabethm
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    Going to give these a go, thanks!
  • penotti
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    Let me know if you like them! :)
  • KateTii
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    Oh man that looks good!! Thanks for the recipe, happens to fit very well into my goals too :)
  • mybrowniiis46218
    I have never tried fish burgers. I will definitely try this recipe. It looks so good
  • penotti
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    crazyravr wrote: »
    Cod... you use a delish fish like Cod for this? If you are going to be killing any fish twice and mangle it in the process might as well just use canned tuna or tilapia. Whenever I make fish burgers its always tilapia. Other then that these for sure will be delish.

    The cod we get here is always frozen and rather tasteless, therefore I make it this way :)
  • ekat120
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    I'll have to try this! I like the tuna or tilapia idea, too. I make a similar recipe that uses canned salmon (no need for the food processor).