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I did this about 6 years ago when I lived on a military post with access to all sorts of free gyms... and then I quit, and moved three times, and got divorced, and complacent, and work two jobs. Long story short my pants don't fit and I cant' afford a new wardrobe. I am 36 a little over 5'9 and I weight 160. I was very very happy at a fit 145 and that is my goal again. I know that a 15 pound loss is probably going to happen pretty slowly and I am going to keep coming here for the encouragement I need to not drowned my disappointment in a pint of ice cream. I am looking forward to getting to know some of you!


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    Hello from a Navy Retired Chiefs Wife...(heehee yep I capitalize all that, after 20 yrs its LAW). This is a great place to become accountable. I have re-thought my strategies about my kitchen and now its organized and that keeps me motivated. I look at this journey like going into battle. I mean I rally the troops, (friends and family to support me) and it makes me feel like its not just me against the weight of the world...literally... I have a stack of index cards I look thru, and on them are great sayings I have run across. I think the weight loss is just part of my problem but re-programming my brain is as important. Here is one:

    Losing Weight isn't the key to Happiness......Happiness is the key to Losing Weight!


    Change your mind, change your body.

    You will get back to the place where you felt your most empowered! Add me if you wish to. :-)
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    Welcome :]
    Your goal is completely achievable! Hang in there, stay strong, good luck & enjoy the process!