Total loss 45 pounds. Half way mark. pics and story included =)

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Aloha, this is my half way journey to weightloss and how I got here. I am 5 feet 9 inches, 23 years old and started my journey last September.



I never thought I would be at the point where I could share on this blog section. But tonight while procrastinating from my Masters thesis proposal.. I found these pictures from the beginning of my recent life transition and journey to find a better me.

I am a stress eater. And I am always under stress, especially going through my undergraduate education through graduation in May 2014. My weakness is milk chocolate and salty foods like top ramen (and I mean like two servings for lunch and then again for dinner). After that, the summer brought travels, good food and grad parties with no desire to be exercising unless it was hiking (once a week adventures). I regrouped, started my Masters and continued to gain weight. It wasn't until my best friend told be how I should lose weight. That shocked me...but I think I needed a verbal shock to wake me up. We have been friends a very long time and it was not offensive, it was a matter of fact and he was worried about my health. I would get sick at least once a month and my snoring had become loud enough to wake me up at night once in a while.

I tried my own program which worked for a little, but the holidays hit and I went full force on the gorging. November through December and hit a high of 234 pounds. YEESH! I think I got a sign that it was time to lose the weight because I got 2 strains of the flu and then the stomach flu within the month of Janurary. (DISCLAIMER: this was not planned nor would I suggest to ANYBODY to purposefully get sick to lose weight. This was just situational). Regardless, of feeling awful and almost needing to go to the emergency, I recovered and lost 15 pounds, mostly water weight.

I had already decided that JAN 1, I was going to commit to Jenny Craig full force. It was my first time on the program but my sister and mom both used the program successfully. Mainly it was so helpful for portion control and knowing what and when to eat depending on my activity level. I learned my body is sensitive to sodium and I needed to be drinking way more water and took out alot of sodium from my diet. Jenny Craig with supplemental chocolate neccessities (a handful of hershey drops here and there) was how I really started to shed weight.

I am a very active person, exercising at least 3 times a week, plus walking to and from my car for school which totals about 2 miles each day. I just finished a competitive paddling season and just hit a record low of 186.6. I still have another 40ish pounds to go depending on how my body continues to shape and build muscle and lose fat.

My moral of the story is that it is a personal journey of bettering yourself. Weight loss is about finding a better you along the way. You will change mentally, emotionally, and physically. I found reading theraputic (Eat, Pray, Love was my first read during weightloss). I didn't share with anyone but my family, my Jenny Craig coach, and my MFP community, that I was trying to lose weight. I notice now that I focus better, have my quirky fun energetic self back and have found a new confidence in my body and what it can do without some of the weight restraints. It is a learning process. Do not forget where you grew from and stay humble!

Although its not a happy ever after and the journey continues, I did find love along the way and my boyfreind continues to support me in how I am continuing my self journey as I try to remain independent and yet a supportive girlfriend. I hope to post again here when I reach my goal mark.

Feel free to read my whole story and my food diary on my profile. Open to questions or any advice. I'm still on this journey with all my MFP family.

Mahalo for reading
Frankie (feel free to add or message me) =)



  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    It's so great that you found what works for you. You've come a long way. Great work! Keep it going :smiley:
  • Maeldeis
    Maeldeis Posts: 3 Member
    You are so beautiful. Inspiring, thank you so much for sharing.
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    Thank you so much. We can all do it! <3
  • diane0512
    diane0512 Posts: 184 Member
    thank you for sharing. keep fighting!
  • brynnsmom
    brynnsmom Posts: 945 Member
    Beautiful! Best of luck.
  • rlmorton
    rlmorton Posts: 3 Member
    That's great news. I started my journey also last September. I was in need of a hugh change. So I started watching my calories and drinking more water. Since last year I've lost just over 40lbs. Still working on reaching my goal weight. But just from the little that I've lost I feel great.
  • RegainFiks
    RegainFiks Posts: 180 Member
    Very inspirational well done on your progress, keep going.
  • Kirky_V2
    Kirky_V2 Posts: 23 Member
    :+1: Yeah well done!!! Looking great, big smiles, great story.
  • noraron
    noraron Posts: 31 Member
    Thanks for sharing this - I'm 5'9" too and weighed in today at my highest ever (a bit more than your top weight at 249 pounds - yikes), so am starting afresh with weight loss. It's so motivating to see other people doing well with this. You're looking amazing, and it must feel so great to have made so much progress. Good luck with the next 40 pounds!
  • MargueriteMuguet
    MargueriteMuguet Posts: 230 Member
    Great start and story! You have a very positive and mature look on life, here's to your next 40!
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    Great start and story! You have a very positive and mature look on life, here's to your next 40!

    Thank you so much! Its been a great growing experience. Cheers to the next 40 haha
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    Kirky_V2 wrote: »
    :+1: Yeah well done!!! Looking great, big smiles, great story.

    Thanks so much!
  • MarietjieHoward
    MarietjieHoward Posts: 214 Member
    You look great...well done for keeping it up.
  • adawson55510
    adawson55510 Posts: 60 Member
    Great job well done.. you look great
  • Congratulations on all your hard work, you look and must feel wonderful. Keep up the great work!
  • misterdale67
    misterdale67 Posts: 171 Member
    You look great! Congratulations on all the hard work.
  • totaloblivia
    totaloblivia Posts: 1,164 Member
    you look amazing - well done!
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    Congratulations on all your hard work, you look and must feel wonderful. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you!
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    you look amazing - well done!

    Than you so much it means a lot!
  • burtisfamily7
    burtisfamily7 Posts: 44 Member
    You look incredible! And more than that you probably feel like a million bucks! Its hard to imagine starting out, but it does happen! Anybody can change anything! I too am sensitive to sodium, and its my favorite, could care less about sugar, i want salt! I would be down way more if i could get tat under control. I am a nurse, I see how it is damaging, you give me hope! Thanks!!
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