Hi my name is Dawn and I need to lose weight for good!

[iHi, how is everyone doing? Is this app worth doing? [/i]


  • _flawedperfectly_
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    I've only been here for a min but I can say it has indeed opened up my eyes as to just how many calories I was putting in my body. I can't believe the amount of calories I was consuming. No wonder I have a weight problem.

    Also, stroll down to the success stories on this site. Changing your lifestyle is definitely worth doing:)
  • gertudejekyl
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    This is VERY useful. It can really help you if you Actually use it Every day :|
  • Amberleah21
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    I previously used the app as a personal calorie counter. But this time around I have joined in the community, read through some forums and made a solid group of supportive 'friends'. It's totally working better for me this way! I get everything I need, information, support, motivation, and accountability. So if you want some support, feel free to accept my friend request.
  • Matt200goal
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    MFP works - if you do! Welcome!
  • iamMichelletoday
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    It is definitely worth doing. Like flawedperfectly said above, it is eye opening discovering how many calories are in the foods that we eat. For example one breakfast biscuit from Hardee's had 429 calories!! Can you believe that!?