My Weight gain journey

Most people are on a journey to lose weight and I support them , but as weird as it may sound , my struggle is to gain weight.
I hate it when people point out the fact that I 'm so "small" , I didn't choose to be this way. I didn't choose to have a fast metabolism.
I've been in this journey few times already but it is so hard that I always give up.
But this time around I'm determined to gain at least 20 pounds by the end of my journey, which is a healthy weight for my height (5'8. )
I've managed to go from 113 lbs in May to 121lbs as of today.
If anybody is on the same journey and have tips on how to achieve thise goals I would appreciate it.
Good luck to everyone


  • Hey I'm in the exact same journey as you, and know exactly what you're talking about when people say 'oh my gosh you're soo small!' Many people have suggested ensure plus as a extra supplement, along with high calorie smoothies. Eating a lot during the day to maintain calories and protein I think is necessary... Seems to help me! Just really hard to keep it up! But don't give up!!