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Ok so I found out that I have been weighing on a highly inaccurate scale. My weight at Dr appts was always quite a bit higher (~10lbs or so) than my home scale but I always attributed it to wearing clothing, having eaten, etc. And I knew the scale wasn't very accurate because I would weigh twice and it would say totally different things. As much as a 10lb difference between two back to back weights. So I always took the higher weight so I wasn't thinking I was losing faster than I really am. Long story short I got frustrated the other day because of the variance in weight on my scale so I decided to weigh on the more accurate scale at the hospital where I work. So I had been using 190 as my weight but my lowest possible weight on my home scale was 183. And my weight on the hospital grade scale was 203.8. We got a new scale and according to my new home scale this morning I am, in fact, 203. This is super frustrating and a little discouraging, but I am going to press on.

My big question at this point is I have been recording weights like my old scale was showing with a few lbs added to prevent inaccuracy (ironic, isn't it?). But now I want to reset my whole account and everything to show a new start. Do I have to delete and reopen a new acct to make that happen? How can I delete all previous weights and everything so I can start fresh with true information?


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    Click on My Home at the top banner, then Check-In. Midway down the page is a hyper link that says Edit Previous Entries. You can go there and delete all your past entries.
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    Thank you! I feel its better to start from a clean slate rather than be reminded of the frustration everytime I log in
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    You really don't need to start over. You can change just your starting weight for now, and then over time, edit any previous entries by adding the delta weight to the previous entries. That way, you will keep all of your Food Diary and Exercise Diary intact.
    You must use the Web version, not the mobile apps, to update your starting weight or edit previous entries. On your mobile device, you can use the Web browser and request to load the desktop site.

    Navigate to APPS > Tickers > Update your weight data. Enter your desired starting weight and click Save Changes. That will update the oldest date/weight in your profile.

    Alternately, navigate to MY HOME > Check-in > Edit Previous Entries.
    a. Enter a new value in the Starting Weight text box and click Change; or
    b. Scroll down and click on the highest page number to take you to the oldest date/weight entry. Once you find your oldest date/weight entry, under Add New Entry, enter the new date/weight and click Add New Entry. That will replace the oldest date/weight with your new one.
    c. If you want to keep all of your historical data, Add New Entry at least one day older than the oldest date/weight.
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    Well when I looked back at it I realized that if I just deleted everything back to my first weigh in after I gave birth to my daughter in August I would be back to before we got the crappy scale. So I left that one and all previous because I have been on here for over a year but had to stop the weight loss journey because I was growing a baby. Now it shows that I have lost 7 lbs in about 2 months which is reasonable and helps me to realize that while I wasn't losing as fast as I thought I am still doing just fine.