Bingeing When Bored

hey everyone

I've been maintaining my weight loss of 55 lbs for a few months now but since the beginning of August I've been struggling with bingeing. I've never had this problem in the past but it's become a weekend issue and I've gained 8lbs since August 1st.

To give you some background I got my first teaching job at the start of August so I've been under a lot of stress which I'm sure contributes. Every Friday I just have the urge to party which leads to bingeing sometimes.

To me the issue is being bored on Fridays and Saturdays. Sadly I don't have much of a social life and my mom keeps way too much junk food in the house. Tonight out of no where I was going through the cabinet looking for something. I had 4 cookies in my hand but I made myself give out themback and go to bed.... So this time I survived but next time? Who knows...

So how can i over come this boredom binge eating? Tips? Suggestions?


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    Do you have an exercise routine on the weekends? Can you go to a gym on Fridays after work instead of partying, or take a long walk? Do you have a hobby that can take you out of the house on the weekends? I went through a long period where I ate because I was bored. I realized that I was the only person who could change my habit. I slowly revived previous hobbies I had enjoyed to take my focus off eating. It took a while, but I did lose the habit of eating from boredom. For me, exercise has become a great stress reliever. I take out my frustrations on a leg extension machine at the gym!
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    Unless you actually have an ED, it's just a bad habit. You could try substituting healthier foods to snack on or just quit the snacking. You could also save up calories so that you can snack at night.

    A lot of people go through this and different people find different things work for them. Me, I just quit the snacking. I ate dinner and then I was done eating for the day. In just a couple weeks, it didn't seem odd. It was the easiest of my bad habits that required breaking, bt I know a lot of people struggle with that one.

    Can you ask mom to buy snacks she likes but you don't? Moms can be helpful that way.

    You're so not alone with this. :)
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    I just finished Duhigg's book on Habits and his description is very helpful. It is easier to modify an existing habit than to try and get rid of it. Modify your habit to a reward other than food and you are golden.

    The trigger is boredom and some stress relief. I like the idea above of going to the club and working it off. Or you could get a social life. Those cosplay folks seem to be having a lot of fun.
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    When I was a kid and complained about being bored, my mom always had a list of chores for me! So go clean the bathroom sink or sweep the kitchen floor or grab a dustcloth and tackle the living room furniture. Your mom will appreciate the help and you will be distracted. o:)
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    I save up some calories for the evening snacks. I like my evening snacking! But yeah, this does sound like a boredom thing given that it's just a friday/saturday night thing.

    So it's a question of finding something to do that interests you for those evenings.

    But really, if you're worried about scoffing 4 extra biscuits on a friday night, it may be for the best that you don't have a social life as you'd probably consume more calories on a night out through drinks and so on!
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    Thanks for the advice, I like the idea of changing up the reward. Question is to what tho.

    Changing the habit is also a good idea. I sorta tried that last week by chewing gum and drinking diet soda
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    Rewards can be very simple. Duhigg suggests a small piece of chocolate after a run to start, to associate running with good things. A reward could be as simple as a smile and a nod in the mirror. Febreze scented its product and sells it as a "reward" for tidying up a room.