At what point in your life did you accept who you were and what you wanted out of life?



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    I had point in my life when I was happier I could be. But then.... it's hard to keep being positive when dragged down with depression. I know what I would want and who I am. It is just hell of a work on myself first.
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    About an hour ago
  • summerdaze120
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    When my mom was diagnosed with cancer.
  • pie_eyes
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    I'm still trying to decide
  • jennmpantoja
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    I know it sounds stupid to people to say this, but don't really care. When I gave my life over to God, I noticed so many great changes, but so many battles at the same time. I let go of my issues with my ex, my father, the fact that I lost my job (eventually I got a better one), and then now seeing the great changes to my health because of finally taking control of how I am living. It's been the best experience and I pray that 2016 and me turning 35 will be even a better year.
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    Some of you guys may remember me, some may not. I have recently being diagnosed as suffering from PTSD. Which in some respects is a relief as i'm now getting the support l need.

    Based in the UK, looking for friends, new and old
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    still evolving