Weekly average differences

So my calorie goal according to MFP is 1300. My calorie average this week is 1267. However this includes days where I have eaten far less and others where I've eaten 2500+kcal. This isnt ideal I know. I am making an effort to try and balance it out. However, my question is what is the difference between eating a steady 1300 everyday or an overall average of 1300? Will the latter still lead to weight loss?


  • ariana_eatsandlifts
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    It's the same. Weight loss is about having a calorie deficit over time. In fact, many people here go by a weekly deficit versus just a daily one so they can "bank" calories for special occasions or the weekends.
  • middlehaitch
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    So long as you ear a healthy amount each day and reach your weekly goal, you are fine.

    I vary day by day and just make sure I am at my goal by weeks end.

    Tuesday tends to be a low day, Thursday a high day, the rest fall where they may.

    The one thing I do make sure of is not dropping below 1000 on any given day.

    Eventhough I know it will be made up during the week, less than 1000 a day just isn't a good day for me.

    Cheers, h.