just needing reaffirmation - first week of exercise


I'd just like to have someone (or multiple people) to reaffirm something.

A quick overview:
One week at the gym - 3 days of weights, 3 days of HIIT/cardio, and 1 day of couch surfing.
Swimming 4 days a week - light intensity because heh, it's swimming and fun.
Eating at a deficit - not eating back the exercise calories.
Pretty bad DOMS the first 2 days, but now it's good.
Haven't lost weight this week... but did put on 500g.

Please reaffirm that I should not freak out...
I should look at this as a long term thing & not a quick fix.
And I've probably got a lot of water weight from the muscles not knowing what is going on (well apart from sitting on the couch... they got used to that).

I've got 10kgs to go... (well, actually 11, but 10 is a nicer number. 11 is just so snobby).

This is a marathon, not a sprint.
The weight will fluctuate, it's just a number, and all that kind of stuff.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I did not appreciate the read out. I'd like someone to just help keep me calm and collected.


  • BrandNewMan1970
    BrandNewMan1970 Posts: 373 Member
    Relax, it works if you work it. Don't expect to see much change at first it's a macro view. Within a week weight can go up or down its the big picture look that matters. It's hard but force yourself to weigh in once every 2 weeks. At the same time and in similar condition. Remember a calorie isn't a calorie go for tons of green leafy things and stay as far away from dairy and sugar as you can.
    You have only just begun (to kinda quote a song) stay strong.
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member
    That's a lot of unfuelled exercise.
    You should account for that volume of exercise one way or the other (TDEE or MFP eat back exercise calories method) as you will need to once you get to goal.

    But yes, don't freak out about temporary weight gain from sore muscles. Don't judge progress over a week.

    Stay far away from advice that units of energy aren't units of energy or twaddle about avoiding certain food groups. See above!
  • Carnhot
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    That's just over a pound - well within tolerance for normal fluctuations, certainly to be expected from your regime change and absolutely not freakable. Consider yourself affirmed. Our minds play tricks, though, don't they? I am trying to get used to maintenance but, after losing 25k in 7 months, am finding it hard to let go of the restriction habit, especially when it seems like I am gaining weight when I can't possibly be. I must trust the process. So must you.
  • hill8570
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    Well, assuming you went from couch potato to gym bunny, it's perfectly understandable you're going to have water weight gain from muscle soreness...just hang with it.

    What you're doing looks good for weight loss, but along the way, figure out what you can sustain for the long haul, not just for the weight loss period. You've already got swimming = fun...a few more things like that and you're golden.