It is important to fuel a work out properly because...

... fainting mid PT session is deeply embarassing.


  • defmut3
    defmut3 Posts: 735 Member
    Depends how HAM you went.
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    Mmmm. Ham. Yumm.
  • alfonsinarosinsky
    alfonsinarosinsky Posts: 198 Member
    Because the other day I didn't and had to stop in 40 min instead if my full hour cause I had nothing left.

    Lol at Ham Yumm
  • Yi5hedr3
    Yi5hedr3 Posts: 2,696 Member
    The woes of a sugar burner. .... ;)
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    OK, RichLn, not as embarrassing as any of those.
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    and because gainz
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    Well, yes, those too.
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    You okay OP? I remember feeling sick when I had a PT or went to classes making me do a bunch of burpees and crap.
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    I am fine. It was my own fault. Being on half term from school (teacher) meant I got to the gym am. not pm. and I hadn't factored in the difference made by a day's worth of nutrition and hydration. I shall be back there tonight for RPM, but will make sure I'm all fuelled up. Thanks for your concern.
  • knelson095
    knelson095 Posts: 254 Member
    Been there. Except I was seeing spots in the shower after, didn't actually faint, but I felt awful. My idiot, out of shape self tried to keep up with my husband's preparation for his military pfa...

    I also had a coworker who hired a personal trainer and he worked her so hard the first day that she puked right on the gym floor.

    I'm sorry that happened to you OP. :(
  • jeepinshawn
    jeepinshawn Posts: 642 Member
    Been there, I had to hold onto the wall of the shower afterwards because I started seeing spots and got dizzy all of a sudden.
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    Managed RPM without a problem, though I must admit to having gone easy on myself. Thanks to you all for your concern.
  • AliceDark
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    Lol, it happens to all of us :) I lift fasted, first thing in the morning, and for some reason thought that meant that I would also be able to run fasted. I got halfway through (read: the absolute farthest point from home that I was going to be), and totally hit a wall. I remember thinking "it's downtown; I can probably get away with just sitting my butt down in the middle of the sidewalk, right?"
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