NSV = Zip-lining & Denver, CO here I come!!!

SO I'm going to visit my son in July!! I'll fly into Denver, Co and we plan to stay one night then do some sight seeing before we head to Wyoming where he is stationed.

I'm super excited and decided to plan a couple activities for us (other than the Frontier Day Rodeo going on while I'm there)

ANYWAYS he wanted to do a hike but was concerned about me being able to handle it, however I was able to assure him that with my workouts 4-5 times a week I'd be good to go :bigsmile:

THEN while looking on-line for things to do I saw an ad for ZIP-LINING something I have totally always want to do...I start looking at the specifics and found out that you have to be under 225 pounds!! HOW GREAT IS THAT...EVEN IF I stayed the same weight for the next 4 weeks before I go I'm under the maximum weight!! :drinker:

My weight has held me back so much over the last several years from doing things....guess what NOT ANY MORE!!!

I plan on LIVING MY LIFE!!! :smile:


  • tordek9
    tordek9 Posts: 7 Member
    That's great. I have been on several trips where they had ziplining and/or skydiving and could never go due to my weight. I am working on it and cannot wait til I hit the goal.
  • MsMarlaJean
    MsMarlaJean Posts: 1,741 Member
    You are gonna have SO much fun! I love Ziplining...been able to go a several times because we have some here on our little island...it's a tour for all the cruise ships that pass through and I used to work in the office there.

    I'm excited for you! :bigsmile:
  • quietHiker
    quietHiker Posts: 1,442 Member
    Love this NSV!!! SO excited for you to go to Denver and hike and zipline!! I'm so jealous, I love Colorado! :) Congrats on all of your successes!
  • MasterKat
    MasterKat Posts: 149
    Excellent, you rock! :bigsmile: I live in Denver myself...hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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