This is a plus size model? What is the world coming to?



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    1. No one said she is fat.
    2. She is wearing a US 12, which is a UK 16. In model world, plus size is US 12 to 14, or UK 16 to 18. She is plus sized.

    @everyone else
    Stop being so butt hurt over someone's label. She's obviously not offended that she is a plus sized model, so why are you offended? Besides, if you're 5'1" and wearing a US 12, then yes, you're obese. If you're 5'6" and wearing a US 12, you're overweight. Your height matters.

    5'6 in a US12/UK8 would not be over weight

    I thought a US12 was a UK16? Which is why their size 0 is our size 4?

    I might be being thick here, so I'd love to be corrected if I have been getting this conversion wrong for years.

    Ahh, That's what I've done lol. Thanks, I minused the 2 sizes instead of adding them!