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Wow! I'm overwhelmed at the response to this and the diversity of the replies from all you guys - and I really appreciate all your kind comments and thanks for the first post.

I've thought a lot about the subject reading all your responses and I've come to the conclusion that the switch will flip immediately we start accepting ourselves and what we truly see in the mirror.

People who see you every single day (including yourself) will not notice the gradual changes that occur, but the friend who perhaps only sees you every three months, or someone who hasn't seen you for a year, will be blown away by the change.

And so, the answer is, IMHO, that we should look at ourselves as though we were strangers to ourselves. Keep the "before" picture pinned by the bathroom mirror - full length and naked (if modesty permits) and close up of your face. Then, every time you look in that mirror, the changes will blow YOU away too. That's what I've decided to do, along with the promise that every single time I look in that mirror, I will say OUT LOUD "Looking good Lal" and BELIEVE IT.

The best of luck to you all on your various journeys. Male, female and whatever race or creed you are - may your Gods go with you.


  • Balance_Breathe
    I love that idea! Looking good! It also helps, I think, if we really work on visualizing ourselves as how we want to look and WILL eventually look-- even while we are still really overweight. The body tends to follow the mind, I think!