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Avocado Tuna Salad



  • shifterbrainz
    shifterbrainz Posts: 245 Member
    My last jar of pickle relish has been really sour and didn't fit with the rest of the tuna salad flavors. Today I noticed a jar of capers in the fridge and just for grins, I decided to try them instead of the sour relish. The caper's briny, deeper flavors combined very nicely for a tasty alternative tuna salad :yum:
  • Spliner1969
    Spliner1969 Posts: 3,233 Member
    I'll have to give that a try. I tend to like the sweet/spicy relishes with this combo to kick up the flavor a bit (avocados can be kind of bland at times), but capers do sound like they might improve the flavor. Just watch that they don't hike up the sodium content too much.
  • tamarahorner
    tamarahorner Posts: 1 Member
    Sounds good
  • Tennisskater
    Tennisskater Posts: 66 Member
    Thankyou! Yummy!