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can't see any difference:(

I know this is just my problem, and no-one can help, but it can help just to write it - and maybe see if there is anyone else out there like me to commiserate with:/

I can't see any difference in the mirror - no matter how much I lose.

other people obviously see it - they comment on the loss. I know I must look different - I've gone down several sizes. But its hard to stay motivated all the time when it seems that nothing changes:( And so easy to say "screw it - it won't matter anyway".....

Maybe if I ever get to goal weight I'll see it? :/ Got to within 20lbs last time I was on mfp (lost 65lbs) before I stopped logging and drifted back up a bit and didn't see it then though:/


  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Have you taken any before or after pictures for comparison? What about your body measurements? When I first lost a bit of weight everybody commented, but I didn't quite see it even though I had went down clothing sizes. It became "real" to me when I seen an old pic of me before my heaviest and a recent picture side by side and the difference in my face alone was astounding! I looked like I had lost three pounds form my face! Weight training has also helped, I don't seem as "fluffy" and noticing how strong I have become is a great motivator to keep working on losing more of the weight that I need to lose.

    Remind yourself of how far you have come and how you don't want to start over again if you decide to say "screw it."
  • KezJT
    KezJT Posts: 32 Member
    Pictures are better than the mirror, but very variable - there are some appalling ones of me at my biggest which I try to use as motivation, but then again, I was fat for a long time - I was/am good at hiding it and dressing well;) There are some quite nice pics of me at the same weight, and some pretty awful ones of me at my lowest ever weight. I'm always quite critical of myself in photos anyway, so mostly see the bad bits.
  • KezJT
    KezJT Posts: 32 Member
    These pics both show me at the same weight. The second is one of my "fat photos" I use for motivation. The first is what I think I still look like in the mirror
  • cfloveland_27
    cfloveland_27 Posts: 2 Member
    Keep in mind that your body is a beautiful and incredible thing. It can do so much for you. You may not see it because you've disillusioned yourself into hating your body--I know I have been there-- but you're obviously losing weight, you're moving towards your goals, and you have to CHOOSE to see it.

    It's more important to have a healthy body than anything. Keep going, you can do it! You'll see it. Remember that healthy and stick-thin are not the same things. Good luck!
  • nutmegoreo
    nutmegoreo Posts: 15,532 Member
    edited November 2015
    It's not that uncommon. You see yourself everyday, so the mirror is not the best indicator. At 30lb down, I don't see a difference in the mirror, but can tell in pictures. Other ways to get a more accurate idea is using the scale, and taking measurements.

    ETA; My most telling pictures are taken in the same clothing, same positions.
  • curlyslim
    curlyslim Posts: 64 Member
    There has been lots and lots of times when i felt like i wasn't going anywhere, and slowly slowly (about 2 3/4 years), I am probably the slimmest I have been since I was in my early teens! I still have a way to go, but really it's ok!
    It's mainly about good health, feeling fitter and stronger, and then my mental health is better too.

    A better lifestyle is where I want to be and stay.

    But I know if my goal was simply to be slimmer, I would really struggle to keep on going and feeling motivated.
  • LionessWhispers
    LionessWhispers Posts: 69 Member
    Something that often works is taking your before and during pictures and covering your face/head. Leave them somewhere like that and look at them again in 2-3 days. I can't tell you how many people have tried this and been shocked at the change.

    It's hard for us to see differences in ourselves but generally easier to see on other people. By covering the faces and waiting a couple days your brain often "forgets" it's you and allows you to see the bodies as though they belonged to someone else.

    Hope that made sense and keep your chin up! You're making wonderful changes and we all support you here!