Pie Chart for MFP website

I found a site that offers a pie chart for MFP web users and there were a few old threads in this forum asking about one so I figured I'd post this. I'm using Firefox and the free version of MFP. All I had to do was install Greasemonkey, restart Firefox, click on the link on the website and refresh MFP. Done in less than a minute.

Here's the site I used: travelinglowcarb.com/4448/myfitnesspal-hack/

I ignored all the low carb stuff on the site and kept my settings as I had them. You have to be tracking carbs, protein, fat and fiber at the very least to make this work.

Here's what my food page looks like now:



  • Tropical_Turtle
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    ok so this I can get with... :)
  • Sued0nim
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    I just read Pie :bigsmile:
  • Merkavar
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    So it takes your macros and turns it into a pie chart?
  • auddii
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    Merkavar wrote: »
    So it takes your macros and turns it into a pie chart?

    Yeah; it's one of those strange features available with the app but not the Web version.
  • DaddieCat
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    There is a chrome extension that does something similar called FoodFastFit... does pretty much the same thing and will allow you to set macros by grams on the free version as well.