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Help! How do I figure out my maint cals / TDEE?

I am attempting to figure out my normal TDEE and would like some help. I am hoping I can get some opinions that can point me in the right direction. A quick summary of my daily activity; I have a desk job in which I do little walking around. I walk on my hour lunch and both of my 10 minute breaks. When I get home I am on my feet often but do spend time in front of my TV. I make sure I get as much walking as possible even if it’s just short bursts (parking further away, walking to a co-worker’s desk to ask a question, taking dishes into the kitchen in multiple trips, etc.) My BodyMedia calculates about 10k steps (or 5 miles walked) a day on average. I do a bodyweight strength program 4 days a week as well.
I am 22 years old 5’7 female who weights 153lbs with 27% body fat. My BodyMedia is calculating that I burn on average 2,500-2,600 calories a day. Online calculators are all over the place depending on my selected activity level (I usually go with light active / active) and I’ve seen TDEEs of 2,100 – 2,900. What I’m hoping to do is put the weight loss on hold and attempt to figure out how much I can eat on maintenance and in turn figure out my actual TDEE. I am looking for help on the best way to accomplish this.
I am current eating an average of 1,700-1,800 a day. My original plan was to bump my intake to 2,000 calories and see how my weight reacts then go from there. However, I have no idea how long a normal body takes to adjust to increased calories. Or would it be better to bump it up to what I am estimating my TDEE is (2,300-2,400 calories) and give myself a few weeks and see what happens to my weight?
Thank you in advance.


  • coopersmom2006
    Join the Eat More To Weigh Less group and ask those ladies. They are VERY knowledgeable!
  • TheStephil
    TheStephil Posts: 858 Member
    Thanks, I am a part of that group as well. I will post a message on their board and see if they have any ideas.
  • LongIsland27itl
    LongIsland27itl Posts: 365 Member
    Google IIFYM Calculator