(Intense) stationary bike workouts?

I'm a dancer and runner at heart, but I'm forced to use the stationary bike at the gym as I recover from a sprained ankle. Does anyone have any good bike workouts that are high intensity, high calorie burners? I hate the bike because I never feel like I'm getting a good cardio workout, but I always see other people sweating their butts off on them. I think I'm doing something wrong haha. Any input is appreciated :)


  • Arleigh7
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    If you can join a spinning class you will definitely get a great workout in depending on the instructor. Getting bike shorts and bike shoes also help you keep the intesity up while staying somewhat comfortable.

    If you can't get to a spin class then try High Intensity Interval Training HIIT. Lots of articles on the web on this and books on amazon.

    Simply put you vary your workout by starting wtih an easy section followed by a relly hard session and then keep repeating. So say 2 minute easy pedaling at 60% of your max heart rate then gear up for 90 seconds at 90% of your max heart rate and then back to the slower rate and then back to the high rate again. This back and forth really can burn off a ton of calories. Best of luck!
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    From the University of New South Wales: Intervals - 20 minutes of 8 seconds on (100-110 revolutions per minute) and 12 seconds off (80-90 rpm). No resistance on the bike, the speed is what matters.


    described here:
    http://www.blackmores.com.au/learning-centre/article/short-sprints-burn-fat-in-men (it's not just for/about men, they tried it with different populations, that article came right after a study about men, refers to women too though)

    Except, with a sprained ankle, this is a bad idea. Pedalling like that is going to pull on things in a weird way. Would just do mat work and swim until you're healed.
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    I just try to go as fast as I can (90rpm) for 30mins, some minutes I might do slightly under some slighty over but by the end of 30mins Im sweating and out of breath and cant wait to stop. Im not doing it right now as Im doing a 30 day jillian michaels rotation plus kettlebell workouts but once the month is up il be back to bike