Why do some people...

Think they will become shredded or get their ideal body in 30-90 days? It takes time along with being consistent with lifting and having your diet in check. Not trying to be negative but some people will be disappointed if they don't reach their goal in a certain amount of time and end up quitting.


  • fannyfrost
    fannyfrost Posts: 756 Member
    1- We are a society of instant gratification.
    2- There is a lot of hype out there saying "lose weight and look great in 5 or 10 or 20 days"
  • 6spdeg
    6spdeg Posts: 394 Member
    yup goes along with losing weight.. hence pills shakes and snake oil sales through the roof.
  • casy84
    casy84 Posts: 290 Member
    People still want to believe in magic pills. Some imagine that a 2 months diet will undo the years of dammage they did to their body. When no magic happens it's easier to give up than continue and be patient.
    The key to my success so far is that I didn't give myself a timetable of goal weights. I started in spring 2012 with small changes and a dream to look good by summer 2013. I'm still not 100% where I want to be, but I am proud of myself and this summer is a lot better than the last. This is enough for me to continue my journey and living healthy is now a part
    of my day to day life.