graphs and cals

Hopefully I can work out how to attach my graphs, if not I'll type the figures.

On graph one:
Net call under weekly goal 744
Net average 1094
Goal 1200

Graph 2:
Calories over weekly goal 1318
Daily average 1388
Goal 1200

Due to constantly new injuries which alter my exercise plans (I do what I can, if I can) my main concern is my cals for the day.

I make sure I eat 1200 each day and aim to eat some exercise cals.

Going by the stats, am I on par? Am I eating enough or too little? I'm not uber hungry, yet never feel full.

My weight loss is slow (about 1/2 kg per week).

Thoughts? Would love some feedback.


  • pippypuppy
    pippypuppy Posts: 67 Member
    Do I up my net average to 1200 or decrease my daily average to 1200???
  • RodaRose
    RodaRose Posts: 9,562 Member
    If you are recovering from an injury or two, you need to eat at maintenance or above to fuel your recovery.
  • Orphia
    Orphia Posts: 7,097 Member
    If you're eating 50-75% of your exercise calories back, you're probably all good.
  • pippypuppy
    pippypuppy Posts: 67 Member
    Thanks RodaRose and Orphia
    I must be doing it right since I'm slowly losing.