Ladies, show off your big, bulky thighs

I'm so sick of all this thigh gap crap I see on the forums. OP will ask how to get a thigh gap, someone will suggest squats, and then another poster will tell them it'll make them "bulky." Why do people want these little chicken legs? Show us that bigger thighs are beautiful. ITT: women post thigh pics/progress.

I'll start. Mine are still way too small for my taste, but in the past four months I've noticed some pretty good gains.
Been lifting for about nine months, but since February I've gone from 17" to 19.5"


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    Bumping until others contribute
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    I have no pictures of my legs right now, but I applaud you for making this post. Anyone I've seen lusting after a thigh gap has been a teen or a preteen, from all of the 'thinspo' that is spread around on tumblr, twitter, facebook etc... I'm not saying anyone's body is ugly, but pictures of unhealthy bodies - whether that's too fat or too thin - should not be spread around like they are something to be desired. Healthy and fit should be what people aspire to be, not sickly and underweight. It makes me sad.
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    in for big boo, er legs.
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    In to follow and celebrate. Awesome legs random :flowerforyou:
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    I don't have any photos other than my profile right now. I've been doing stronglifts since March. I have gotten much stronger but my thighs have gotten smaller. I haven't measured in ages, but I can definitely feel it in the way my pants fit. I've lost at least a size since I started, although my weight hasn't changed.

    Also, IN FOR PICS.

    ETA - I do have a pic of my "bulky" calves.

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    Been squattin' since February


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    Here are mine after a few months of weight lifting. I've a long way to go but I'm happy with my results so far :smile:

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    Awesome so far, let's keep this thread going.
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    20" and I love my muscles. :)
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    ^ pics are moved
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    If you look in the dictionary under bulky thighs you will see a picture of my legs!! Also under large calves! I have been doing crossfit for a year (aka squats) and they are a solid bulky instead of a smooshy bulky and I like how they look
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    I don't mind having big thighs, sometimes I wish they were just a tad smaller though, you know, so I can fit into pants properly lol

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    19.5 inches here too. Got more definition since these were taken. However, I do have a thigh gap, because I have wide hips.



    and a calf because they felt left out, lol.


    Edit, sorry for the giant size shots, too tired to shrink em down.
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    MOAR!! C'mon ladies, show me whatcha workin' wit. :love:
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    Big thighs <<<<<
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    Well, my thighs have slimmed down a LOT since I started, and I don't do weight training so they won't be bulking up either. But I don't have a gap.

    All I do know is having lost 2 stone in weight, my hips and knees are feeling a lot better and don't hurt anymore. That's good enough for me :smile:
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    I don't want a thigh gap, but would love them to shrink enough so my pants fit better *sigh* I have a gaping waist band thanks to accommodating my thighs. I don't like belts, so I always have to make sure my shirt is long enough to cover my waist if I reach up or move around, so I'm not accidentally flashing my underwear at work or something :embarassed: