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I can eat healthy meals no problem but when it comes to snacks i fail . can anyone give me ideas on snacks that will fill me up


  • ScorpionQwean
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    I love red / green pepper slices w/ honey mustard sauce, cucumber dipped in plain yogurt, homemade Kale chips, 1 pkg of tuna w/ relish.... make sure you are eating 6 small meals a day - Not the typical 3 meals and snacks in between. Our brain visualizes meals differently when we see it that way and makes it harder to find a "snack" to eat.
  • diannethegeek
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    Hummus & veggies, string cheese, nuts, wasabi peas, fudge pops, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, apples and peanut butter, Greek yogurt, beef or turkey jerky, popcorn
  • Lounmoun
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    Hard boiled eggs
    Trail mix
    Granola bar
  • AnnPT77
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    I like
    • crispy chickpeas (I like Saffron Road brand Bombay Spice flavor),
    • dry-roasted soybeans (lightly salted),
    • puppodums (a crispy Indian cracker-esque flatbread made from chickpea flour - I like Sharwood's brand Spicy flavor)
    • individually packaged cheese servings (Supremo Queso Fresco, Baby Bel, any brand of lowfat string cheese, Bel Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella)
    • lowfat cottage cheese with turmeric and cumin and maybe some veggies
    • make-it-myself popcorn often with grated Parmesan
    • nuts (especially pistachios in the shell because they take longer to eat)
    • raw veggies (especially cucumber, jicama, cherry tomatoes, orange bell pepper, avocado)
    • dried fruit or vegetables with plenty of water on the side
    • hot herb tea (rooibos seems especially filling for some reason)
    • banana
    • lowfat kefir
    • nonfat greek yogurt with frozen fruit
    I could go on & on . . . but I'll spare you. (If you sense a cheese theme, that's partly because I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian, and try to get extra protein in my snacks.)
  • lynn1982
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    Sliced veggies and hummus, an apple with a handful of almonds or almond butter... sliced cheese or yogurt too, if you eat dairy.