Bipolar Mom of 2, 150lbs to lose

Hi all!

I am 34 yrs old and I have struggled with my weight since I was probably 8 yrs old. I am currently at my heaviest (372.8lbs). I was diagnosed in June with Bi-Polar depression disorder and have been on a medication called Latuda ever since. It is suppose to be a weight friendly med (i was told almost all anti-psychotics cause weight gain).

I have been lucky (so far) in that I havent had any weight related complications. HOWEVER, my most recent blood work shows my fasting blood sugar is higher than normal. Not prediabetic but very close.

I have two boys (5yrs and 3yrs) my five yr old is awaiting assessment for autism. So I have a LOT of stress factors going on in my life.

I have tried portion control and calorie counting previously with some success, but than became very discouraged when the dietician told me I was doing it all wrong. That was a year and half a go. Since then I put back on the 25lbs i had lost and gained an additional 30lbs on top of that.

I started using Myfitnesspal app on thursday and as of today (tuesday) I am down 8lbs! I have a caloric allowance of 2090cals per day currently and will "Offically weigh in" on thursday mornings. My ultimate goal is 225lbs (I am quite tall and have never been thin and so I feel this would be a comfortable weight for me). But I have set a series of mini goals along the way. My first being 350lbs then 325lbs and of course 300lbs.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any encouraging words you may have!


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    welcome :) good luck :)
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    My brother takes anti-psychotics known to cause weight gain but because of his eating and exercising habits he lost the weight he'd gained in the hospital and has maintained for about 18 months.

    Glad you're back on track :)
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    Holy hell did life deal you some bad cards! I too unfortunately know some of your feels.

    I think you already know your answer about the dietitian. Try different things and do what works best for you. I think the most important part is staying positive. My boy is most likely on the spectrum and while there are many day to day difficulties I always celebrate his zest for the mundane things in life.

    This week I didn't lose as much as I wanted but instead of dwelling I decided that I will absolutely kill this week. Eventually you will get to the point where you won't even want to cheat on your diet.

    Just take things day to day and get excited about your new lifestyle!
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    Thanks all for the kind words. And yes life dealt me some bad cards. Hoping the coming year has better things in store for me!
  • mindierae1
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    Hi all. Today is weiggh in day!!! I had a great first weigh in. I lost 10lbs!

    Starting weight 372.8lbs
    Goal weight 250lbs


    Week 1 362.8 (-10lbs)
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    Hello and welcome! I wish you much success and happiness. Take it one moment at a a time and we will get there! I do hope the meds are helping you with your BPD. I wouldn't worry so much about the weight gain associated with the meds. You need the meds. You need to focus on healthy eating and exercise. I really do wish you the best! You may add me as a friend if you need a buddy. Best wishes. Xo
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    Welcome! MFP is a wonderful resource for support and motivation! Good on you for your weight loss and taking back your life! Take everything one day at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. You can totally do this! :) Wishing you continued success in your health and wellness journey! Feel free to add me as a friend, if you'd like some additional support. :)
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    Hi I'm a bi polar mom also add me if you'd like to talk(= and I have 170lbs to loss!
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    Thank you
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    Hey there! I relate to you 100%! I'm a Mom of a 17 year old girl with Autism. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, among other things, and I have about 200lbs to lose. You're more than welcome to add me! :)
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    I'm on Latuda for Schizoaffective Disorder, and it's an amazing med. It's made my weightloss possible.

    I'm at 293 and similarly am looking to go down to 200ish, as I'm tall and once I get there, I'll decide if I wanna go down any further.

    I'll send you an add. We need to stick together.