Current BMI is 25.96 I wanted to get to a BMI of 25 on or before Christmas not sure it's possible :(

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So I started off this year at a BMI of 30 working at it trial and error. Slummed off a little in October getting back on track and the end of October. Pushing really hard all of November! Dec 1 came along I meet a goal of mine so I set another personal goal to have my BMI be at 25 before or on Christmas so I have been working at it really hard. Between stress and everyday life I have done very well. I am opening my diary for some ideas how I can still possibly reach my goal by Christmas. MFP diary allows me 1480 calories and I have been staying under each day drinking lots of water. Last week I pushed through Jillian's one week shred. This week doing Denise Austin's Sculpt and Burn. This morning I did 2 10 min tone workouts warm up and cool down. My goal is nagging at me and I am not sure what I can do with my eating or if I should just work out more. This goal I have set is pretty important to me. If I don't reach it I don't want to have a melt down and give up. Any ideas if you have a chance please let me know what else I could change and improve. I don't eat back calories burned and I don't log my work outs. All of November and first week of December I have been averaging about 30 minutes a day. Then this last week was an hour a day. Thanks for and input or suggestions you can offer! :)