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Minor surgery scheduled for 12/22, no gym for 4-5 wks... give me low impact alternatives!

Hi there. I'm having minor surgery tomorrow and will not be able to hit the gym/lift heavy for 4-5 weeks while I heal up. Can anyone suggest some good, low impact exercises that I could do that wouldn't put alot of strain on the body (specifically on my mid-section). I plan on taking walks by the weekend. I'm just really concerned on not pushing it too much. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  • FluffyAndFestive
    FluffyAndFestive Posts: 53 Member
    I would say consult your doctor and maybe a certified PT who has knowledge with rehab workouts. I'm not to sure what kind of surgery you're having, but I hope it goes well and you heal up fast. I've had a few surgeries (elbow etc) and was out from lifting as well. So a lot of light resistance band stuff and body weight stuff was recommended. Also a suspension trainer like trx (Walmart sells a cheaper descent version) can also allow you to continue working out without going heavy. Again this is all on the basis that your doctor gives you the ok for those type workouts and exercises. :) all the best to you.
  • tulips_and_tea
    tulips_and_tea Posts: 5,720 Member
    There are a lot of knowledgeable people on these boards, but this is definitely a question you need to ask your doctor FIRST. Without knowing specifics, we can't really suggest anything in case it has a negative affect on your recovery. Find out what you are able to do first and then let us know. Then we can be of more assistance. Either way, hope it goes well and you recover quickly!
  • ChristineCain
    ChristineCain Posts: 76 Member
    Thanks for the feedback. Surgery went well. I can't lift anything heavier than 5lbs for 2 weeks or have any seriously strenuous activity. Other than that I am free to do anything my body is comfortable with.