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To ignore a user first click on their username to the left of their post:

This will bring up their user card where you can do the following things:
1. Click on their username to be taken to their MFP Profile
2. See when they first joined the community and when they last visited the community and how many posts they have
3. Click on the "Send a message" option to send them a private message
4. Click on Ignore to hide their posts from the forums


If you chose to ignore the user you will get a confirmation window:

Once you ignore a user their posts (with the exception of new discussions they create) will be whited out and will show up like this:

If you want to view an individual post that has been whited out, you can click on it to see that individual post.

If you want to go back to seeing all posts by a user you are ignoring, click back on their user card, and hit unigore.

Please note: Members are able to ignore anyone in the forums, including MFP Staff and Moderators. Please proceed with caution when ignoring mods and staff. If you are participating in a discussion and a moderator posts that if certain behavior continues and you are ignoring that mod and continue that behavior, you will still be subject to a warning. Mods will not be responsible for knowing (this is confidential) who is ignoring them. Likewise, please do not call out or share the list of people you are ignoring, this will be considered an attack.
edited December 2015
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