Starting over again!



  • imjolly
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    Starting again myself. I logged in everyday for almost two years and forgot one day and my days started over. I got very discourage and gave up. Today I decided to start over since I know it works and it makes me more accountable for what I put in my mouth. No more cookies, candy etc. back to good health and a healthy weight. Wish me luck! Good Luck to all the MFP people starting over - at least you didn't quit. Let's do this.
  • roadrunner432
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    Me too! Starting over again :)
  • emmarosegibson
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    I'm starting over too. Put my weight back on through anxiety and depression which meant I rarely left the house. Lost a stone in last 3 months but will have put some of that on over Xmas but raring to go again
  • shelygankeeley
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    Shelygankeeley I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my mum in July last year and it's had the most profound effect on my life. Like you I've used food as an emotional comfort but I was huge before and now I'm just a mess, both mentally and physically. I have the biggest of mountains to beat but I feel I can't get much lower so it's time to claw my way back up... Good luck to everyone in the new year and all your journeys on mfp. X

    Thank you! :) I'm sorry about your loss too! Losing someone we love is never easy. But we can do this! Good luck to you!
  • NaomiNicole83
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    I'm starting over again. I want to lose 60lbs and my long term goal is 100lb. I really want to stay motivated to becoming and slimmer healthier me!
  • claudiagalvez
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    Starting over n this time for good I've lost 43 pounds last yr. N fell off the wagon but so ready to rock 2016 as the a new healthy n strong me... good luck to all we got this.....
  • Ch4rleyA
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    I'm here, ready to start again! 20 lbs to go before summer comes :'(
  • kristyn927
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    I'm starting again as well :smile: we can do it :smile:
  • angdelarosa
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    I used this app about 2 years ago and lost 35lbs! Then life happened and I lost all motivation and drive and gained it all back, but world I'm in a really good place and I'm ready to finish what I started even if I have to start over!!

    I totally understand! Im starting over as well. I used mfp before and lost but like you life got in the way. Feel free to add me.
  • I too, am starting over again. It has been a very stressful year, full of changes that weren't always so good. 2016 can only be better.
  • jmackey1980
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    In 2011-2012, I lost 55 lbs using a combination of this app and dedication to cycling (250+ lbs to under 200). I managed to keep half of it off for four years, then a combination of poor eating, work travel and not enough exercise has me back over 250 again. I'm motivated to get back into better shape and am hoping to push towards getting back to a strong cycling summer in 2016 by getting started now. My goal is to lose and keep off at least 45 lbs this year.
  • moma4boys
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    Just like you all ...I am starting over again. I lost 18 pounds last time- about a year ago. Then I was diagnosed with Celiacs and my diet got all screwed up. I stopped exercising and gained 24 lbs in one year. I am back on track now and I am going to get to goal weight this time!!!! We can do it together!
  • cjcmrn
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    Like you all I did really good losing weight for awhile. Then I unfortunately had two miscarriages, emotionally ate, and got into a relationship with my couch... that caused all of the weight to come back. I will hopefully be planning a wedding soon, and I do not have myself pictured the way I am now in the wedding dress. and I'm tired of dragging my *kitten*, being out of shape, and not feeling strong anymore! The hell with January 1/16, I am starting today... salad here I come :)
  • Smile72
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    I'm starting over again. Instead of being frustrated and angry with myself, I'm choosing to leave the past behind me and am motivating myself to success.
  • whiskey9890
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    starting over here as well, logged in for the first time in ages the other day, what happened to the lost 0lbs now it tells me how much i've gained!!! oh well, time to suck it up and start again. on the plus side i have been going to the gym at least twice a week since easter except a six week lay off due to injury (fell off my bike whoops) so i'm stronger if nothing else :-)
  • VernoraMcCants
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    I am starting over as well.. We can do this
  • avlim718
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    I need to get motivated!!! I gained 20lbs last year due to vertigo and my life took a complete turn while dealing with it. I need to do it to be healthy again... I am so scared....
  • Amy_Leiker
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  • Glassride
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    2016 is our year! Started the Running for Weight Loss app today and will start logging foods after NYE. Good luck everyone!