Kayla itsines BBG / bikini body guid

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Hi everyone, I follow Kayla on instagram and although I've had her guide for a while I've not used it and stuck to my own workouts which although I'm changing the real people tagging her transforations have swayed me.
I'm going to start week 1 today and I'd love it if other people would join in and add me as a friend so we could motivate each other :)


  • cjnyc
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    Hi there! I'm starting today round 3 BBG1! My goal is to continue for a whole year! :)
  • deebol
    deebol Posts: 24 Member
    Wow that's fab. Did you make it through the whole 12 weeks those times?
  • charstar6
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    I've started and stopped 3 times for various reason (sick and family commitments).
    I really want to actually complete it but I know realistically I won't be able to do it within the 12 weeks it's made for (3 boys 9months, 3yrs and 5yrs) but want to work through the workouts and end up with a smoking bod