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MFP Calorie Vs Equipment

So I have a Gold's Gym recumbent bike that I use and it estimates calories lost for you without calculating stuff like age, weight, gender etc and when I go in to put it in my cardio log the calorie burned is very different on the bike and on my phone, about a good 200cal difference. Which one should I use to log in, the one the bike gives me or what MFP gives me?
Also there is only the Stationary bike option, no recumbent option so do I put it in as stationary bike? I know they aren't the same exercise benefitial wise but is it the same as a stationary bike in terms of cardio?


  • smashley_mashley
    smashley_mashley Posts: 589 Member
    use neither - get yourself a HR monitor; input your info but set your weight 5lbs less than actual. It will calc calories. Then add 50-75% of what it generates as eat back calories.