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pichu318pichu318 Posts: 172Member, Premium Member Posts: 172Member, Premium Member
Hey just wondering who here used the Under Armor Record App. I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I made a group specifically for doing weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges. I could make one of each of the 6 challenges. I was thinking of doing the following:
  • Weight challenge (both every month and every quarter)
  • Most steps (every week or every month)
  • Most calories burned (every week)
  • Most workouts (every month)
  • Most workout time (every week)
  • Most distance (every week or every month)

Of course this being said people don't have to feel obligated to hit every single challenge. I will only make a group and the challenges if people are interested in this, so please tell me who wants to do any of these challenges on the app!


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