Tired of being trapped in my body

I yo yo a lot with my weight. I'm at my heaviest ever and unhappy about. I try again. This app looks really cool and hopefully keeps me motivated. I am 49 and live in Alaska and have a desk job. My main challenge is really just to live. I have a terminal cancer that presents some health challenges but I need my body to lose weight so I can enjoy life now. I figure I have a couple good years in me and I don't want my body holding me back.


  • JohnnyEl85
    JohnnyEl85 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm sorry to hear of your condition Kimmie, my father is going through the big C treatment at the moment so I can certainly understand how that feels to a degree.

    It shows real strength to be addressing your health and your weight at this time and you should already feel proud and energised by that.

    I've literally just started this Journey too, il send you a friend request and if there is anything I can help you with or if it's just an ear to listen at the other end of the keyboard feel free to chat anytime. :)


    Ps I'm in the UK
  • kimmie373
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    Thanks Jimmie,

    I hope your father gets through his cancer treatment and gets well. I'm really excited about all the ways to keep motivated with this personal fitness app. I have a few online friends from the UK and around from some online games I play. One of my goals is less time playing games online and more real life. I have recently taken up photography.

    Good luck