Anyone else living with idiopathic intracranial hypertension?

Hey guys! I'm holly! I'm a registered nurse working in a busy emergency room. I'm 25 this month! My weight loss journey started after I was in a nasty car accident where I was rear ended by a semi and hurt many muscles in my neck and back, and subsequently gained 80 lbs while in university. Recently I was diagnosed with iih and is wondering if anyone else here has experienced the same? I'm just starting meds so unfortunately I still have all my symptoms including my terrible vision and headaches and pulsatile tinnitus as well as no appetite, and complete lethargy, and numbness and tingling from the drugs. Hopefully this will fade. I find myself hating foods I used to love. Chocolate sounds disgusting right now. I seem to only want to eat plain foods or foods with strong but simple tasteS, like oranges or strong cheese. With one flavour. Otherwise I don't really taste much. And because of the meds carbonated drinks taste terrible so maybe I can kick my Diet Coke habit!


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    Hey! Funny story, I'm also an RN and was diagnosed with IIH in October 2015! I'm on the same meds and experience the same change in taste and other side effects, however many of the side effects have lessened since I've been on the meds awhile. How is everything going for you?