The BEST protein pancakes

Pearlyladybug Posts: 882 Member
I have been making these all week, was sick of my usual eggs!

I started off using the 2 ingredient "pancake" recipe and edited it

1 LARGE banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 egg
1 drop vanilla ess
1/4 tsp of baking powder

Mash banana but NOT until completely smooth (I have found have to making 2 ingredient pancakes it the mixture is to runny they are just like omelettes) then mix in the rest of the ingredients! It should be quite a thick mixture not runny at all. unlike 2 ingredient pancakes They cook up just like normal flour pancakes just plop in the pan until they bubble and then flip.

Mine came to under 300 cals and 27 grams of protein but your macros will be different depending on what protein you use!

I had mine with crispy salami and maple

and even better..THEY ARE GLUTEN FREE!


(please no comments about how these aren't real pancakes, as I'm gluten intolerant i cannot have "real" pancakes)