Pain in between bicep and forearm

Hi All
Been lifting now for around 4 months and suddenly I have started to get pain as described in the subject . I really struggle now with bicep curls and bent over rows due to pain . Anybody experienced this and if so did you find a solution , BTW this is in both arms and really is painful not only when lifting but afterwards , if I stretch my arm or rotate my wrist you can really feel the sharp pain in both arms . Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Have you been to see a doctor about this?
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    Could be tendonitis, I'm personally in month 7 of trying to recover...has impacted on my lifting and I've been seeing a physio for months

    Get it checked out, if it is a damaged tendon it might take time to sort and you may have to amend your exercise programme
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    More than likely tennis/golfers elbow. Repetitive movements against moderate resistance are usually the cause. Unfortunately once you get it, it never completely goes away. So change a little. Try hammer curls instead and instead of bent over rows, try one arm dumbell rows but keep your elbows close to the body. Also lifting straps may help since you don't have to grip as hard and that should reduce the load on the forearm.

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    It's probably tendonitis, I had it early on when I started lifting. Rest then heavy forearm exercises before going back to bicep exercises when ready. Zottmann curls help avoid this if you incorporate them into your workout, they're great for bicep and forearm.
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    What do you think started it? How many sets of biceps & back exercises do you do, and how often?
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    Cherimoose wrote: »
    What do you think started it? How many sets of biceps & back exercises do you do, and how often?

    Not sure TBH not really done that many bicep curls , I have been concentrating on the major compounds and diff rows plus legs exercises . I have s 4 day split 2 lower and 2 upper
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    I started getting this a little bit, would only feel it when deadlifting though (underhand grip side) when I lockout.

    It would obviously depend on the exact issue, cause and how severe it was. For me though I mentioned it when I had my next sports massage, she added some focus onto my biceps and forearms and I've not had any issues since.
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    Stop whatever exercise is causing pain or even mild discomfort and talk to a dr. It sounds like tendonitis. And unfortunately the remedy is rest.