Hi there I am looking for a strong mentors, would you be my get thin buddy?

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I am looking for thin friends, ( because I am in my obese zone weight back again, to help me get to my healthy zone weight and the finish line.) mentors, praying friends, who will pray for me, those who know, have a clue, better at it than I am.

I am tired of failing. Last year the first 7 months I lost weight and got myself out of the obese zone, then Sep,Oct, Nov, Dec I put it all back.

I don't know how someone with a stronger willpower can help someone with a weaker will power succeed and make the finish line? since willpower is something within oneself. you cannot buy it, or borrow it, lol

Eat right and exercise seems so simple, yet I hate exercise. How does someone LOVE exercise? seriously.


  • Hi there I'll be your fitness partner grace. The key is to have a good strong support system
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    Hi Grace! While I'm not a nutritionist or anything, I've been on MFP for more than a year and I find it does help me in being mindful of what I eat and how often I work out.

    If you'd like to become friends, we can, but again, I'm not a professional and if I give you advice it's not intended to be medical or professional. I'm just a grad student working hard to gain a masters and keep off fat!

    I'm a Christian (Catholic), so if you're looking for support that way, I'd be happy to help. Just throwing it out there!

    - Chels
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    Thank you so much I have never had strong mentors before so I am so looking forward to your help because you want to.

    Thank you Chels & also I could do with some major praying and Thank you Roderick, I thank everyone for all your future support coming my way :)

    I definitely need friends with a stronger willpower than I have :) I will keep this page running and check in daily, till I reach the finish line. I will do my best, although my best is not so great now. I will listen.
  • 111grace
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    8 Jan : I have 34kg to get rid of ( currently in my obese zone weight BMI).

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    I am a Christian Catholic. Would love to offer prayer support. Just friend me if you want.