Roller Derby?

I'm thinking out about doing a roller derby bootcamp and seeing where it goes. Any derby girls here? I want to keep doing SL 5x5 too. I'm a little concerned about injury but it just looks like so much fun.


  • sistrsprkl
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    No one? I'm going to buy some gear today from a girl who broke her shoulder while skating. Maybe not one of my smartest decisions.
  • mirrim52
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    Do it!
    I've been playing for about 2.5 years now. I was a slow progress-er, but just found out I made our charter team this week :smiley: I couldn't skate at all when I took our 101 boot camp.

    Definitely keep up with SL. I started lift a year ago, and that is when my teammates noticed I really started improving.

    Derby is full of so many awesome supportive people (for the most part ;) ). Be is easy to get sucked in and suddenly find your life revolves around it.
  • sistrsprkl
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    Thank u so much for the reply & encouragement! Have u had any injuries?
  • mirrim52
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    Umm, I feel down a stair at my parent's house after Thanksgiving dinner and severely sprained my ankle, and that kept my off skates for 3 month :P I know a couple people who have injured themselves, but it is not super common. No more than any other contact sports. Mostly bumps and bruises. Get the best gear you can afford. Never scrimp on knee pads or a helmet.

    There is a lot to learn. Don't feel discouraged if it takes a while to get the hang of. PM me if you want. Watch lots of derby :) Volunteer with the league if you can. NSOing (non-skating official) is a great way to learn the rules and nuances.
  • VeLisaraptor13
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    I started playing roller derby in our small town almost a year ago (newly founded team!) and it's the best thing I've ever done. DO IT.

    (any derby players, add me?)
  • sistrsprkl
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    Oh good! The into meeting is tomorrow and bootcamp starts in a few weeks. Tried on all of the gear today, can't wait.
  • KDar1988
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    My daughter was on a junior team for several years. I love to skate and if I was a bit younger and lighter...I'd do it!! It is so cool and looks like so much fun. I'm afraid I'd get hurt though! Hope you do it, certainly would work up a heck of sweat and have killer legs!!
  • Editme12
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    I'm curious, what is the bootcamp?
  • sistrsprkl
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    It's just learning the basics, meets 2 times a week for 6 weeks. It's a prerequisite for joining the league.
  • Editme12
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    That sounds really cool. I hope you have a great time. I was just looking into derby yesterday, I don't know if my local league does that. See I want to play but not compete ^_^;
  • cherrybomb333
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    Definitely do it! I played for 3 years and only retired to go back to school. I've been dying to go back.

    There's a risk of injury like most contact sports, (tbh, my friends who play indoor soccer have had WAY more injuries than anyone on my derby team) but conditioning and awareness go a long way to preventing most of them. And 100% agree with @mirrim52 -- buy the best equipment, and make sure everything is a good fit. 187s saved my knees more times than I can count.

    Whatever you decide, best of luck, and I hope you have a blast!
  • sistrsprkl
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    Thanks! Yes, I have 187's ready to go. I'm really excited. Noticed today that my used helmut has a dent so I'll get a new S-One unless there's something better? Also planning to wear neoprene sleeves under the knee pads.
  • mirrim52
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    S1 Lifers are good. I wear a hockey helmet because I am really short and got enough hits to the face to determine I wanted a face shield :P
  • kathleenbreau
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    (Jeez..I should look more into that Community section on MFP more often!!!)

    Glad to see you all ladies. I am a roller derby since 2012 and still have a great passion about this sport! IF you have any muscle tightness issues, I can share some of my experiences. I never really was injured but I am a regular of Chiro, Physio, Naturopathe, Masso and Acupenture patient ahah!!

    I was actually wondering how much calories I should put for a 120 min practice!! Is 1100 calories burned too much you think?

    If you have any question related to derby, don't be shy my friend!

    Sneaky Kat :smiley:
    (aka Kathleen Breau)
    From Capital City Rollers in Canada
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    I've never done it, grew up playing hockey, but I've had several female friends do it and they loved it (and all of the women I know that do it say men shouldn't be doing it haha). But they love the full aspect of it all, the workout, the competition, but they all seem to love the friends they make even more. I'd say go for it.
  • PippiBombStalking
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    Holla! Been skating a year. I went from 120 to 155...mostly muscle. *mostly* >:)
  • FunSkittles
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    Definitely do it! I was the fittest I ever was when I was a player! Due to injury 3 years ago I went from playing to now reffing. I forgot to stop eating like an athlete and packed on the pounds - ha! You will LOVE roller derby! Such a great supportive community and you don't what so ever feel like you are working out when at practice!