frustrated and seeking help

Today I went to my primary care provider. I asked him for something to help with my weight loss. He didn't do anything. He just said do what ever I want. Now I'm frustrated and wondering if I should be doing this. Also wanted help to find exercises that is ok on the days I have mmigraines but still need to do something that day. He didn't even adress it. Can I have some help on what to do?
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  • seska422
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    The key thing is to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

    If you don't have a food scale, get one so that you can weigh solid foods. Only use measuring cups/spoons for liquids.

    Log everything that you consume that has calories. I like to log before I eat so that I can change my mind before I eat it if the calories/nutrition don't meet what I'd like them to be.

    Exercise isn't required for weight loss. It's good for body health but the key thing is to consume fewer calories than you use.
  • ew_david
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    What are your current stats (height, weight) and what are you thinking you'd like to achieve?
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    Sounds like a new doctor might be in order if he didn't address any of your questions or concerns about weight loss and exercise. Seska422 gave good advice about measuring and logging everything. I don't really know how to help as far as excercise to do when you have a migraine. When I have one, I don't concern myself with exercising.
    I wish you luck. Please don't get discouraged! You can do this!! We all get overwhelmed at times, but giving up is the only thing that will cause you to fail. If you are patient and consistent, you will get there!
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    4Ft 8, 136lbs. Id be ok at 125lbs. My ultimate goal is to be 110lbs. I am size 14 pants id be ok at a size 8 better at a size 6. I would also be happier if i was a smaller bra size but that isnt a big goal for me. Im wanting to lose weight because i have weak ankles and trouble with my back. I think the extra weight is making it worse.
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    I second finding a new doctor. Your doctor should be a source of support and concerned with you as a person, as well as your health concerns.

    This is a wonderful place to start. There are so many wonderful people and ideas, tips and suggestions.

    Track your food for a week or two just normal. That will give you a base line on setting a reasonable plan to lose weight, while getting use to tracking and cslculating. Good luck and welcome.
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    Doctors know little about nutrition unless they've taken the time to learn on their own. They don't get much of any education about it in med school. I too get migraines - and I have a thyroid disorder (Graves disease with hyperthyroidism). I asked my doctor for a referral to a dietician and followed up on that referral. My dietician recommended that I have no more than 30 grams of carbs at each meal (I am getting less than that now, which is good). I am paying attention to protein, fats and carbs. Upping the protein and lowering the carbs. I eat a very low fat diet too. While I do at least 30 minutes of cardio daily and strength training 1-2 times a week, I do not exercise when I have a migraine and I don't sweat it. I have done one key thing to reduce migraines - I take 450 mg. of magnesium in the morning and also at night (if I remember). Magnesium supplementation along with Vitamin B2 has worked WONDERS for me in reducing migraine. When I do get one, I take Zomig - 2.5 mg. It's a prescription and is non-narcotic so it just knocks out the headache, usually within 30 minutes, like a charm! Hope this is helpful! Best wishes to you!
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    Start tracking your intake here. Get a food scale and learn how to use it. Find a reasonable calorie deficit that you can stick to. You don't have to starve to lose weight. Once you feel like you have a decent handle on your diet and feel comfortable introducing exercise, do it. Find something that you like to do. What works for one may not work for you (as in, you may not like what someone else likes) and that's okay. The best exercise is the one you're consistent with. Most of all, have patience. It takes time. Just trust the process. Good luck!
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    I see that you're very young. It's important for you to learn now that you need to be your own advocate - in medical settings, but in life as well. This does not mean being pushy or demanding, but you do need to learn how to advocate for yourself. You may be lucky and find a physician who really listens, but honestly, I think they are kind of rare. So, be your own advocate.

    Why are you wondering if you should be doing this? If you are not at a healthy weight and/or if you don't like your body aesthetic, then why shouldn't you do something to change it?

    I suggest starting simply by entering your stats into MFP. MFP will give you a calorie goal to lose without exercise. Start logging your food. At first, maybe even start with just logging what you typically eat, not worrying about going over your calories. Buy a food scale. Use it to weigh all solid food. Choose correct entries.

    Read the links contained here:

    Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. It's okay to start small if that's what you need to do. Reading all those links might seem intimidating, but the information can really help you be successful.

    If you can manage it with a migraine, you could try just walking. Walking is excellent exercise for everyone. You may find that regular exercise helps your migraines, or not. As another poster mentioned, you may find adding magnesium to your diet helps with migraines, or not. A lot of people who get migraines have been found to be deficient in magnesium. But, one of the most frustrating things about migraines is that they can vary greatly as to triggers as well as manifestation, even within a single person. So, as to whether you can exercise with a migraine and what kind of exercise you can do, you may have to experiment to figure out what you can tolerate.

    Good luck.