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Valentines Challenge: Love Yourself!

BanannaNutBanannaNut Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
Ok so I had this idea... Maybe it's a bit cheesy, but why should we care?! I think this could be really fun, it's doable and it's a great way for us to meet new friends, have support and accountability, and a way for us to remind ourselves and each other that there's more to having a beautiful rich life than the number on the scale! So here's the deal:

From January 14th 2016 to February 14th 2016 let's aim to lose 5-10 lbs depending on your own personal stats. Everyday starting 1/14, you must check in to the group and post either an accomplishment of yours, something you love about yourself, or something you are thankful for in your life. By having to check into the group you have to be on MFP anyway... Might as well log everyday too! This IS a doable challenge, let's support each other and we can all have something to look forward to on Valentine's Day... Our final weigh in!!!

I made a group with the same name as this post, ask to join and we will get started the 14th!!!
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