Jillian Michaels 30DS

Today is my first day of the 30DS I'm currently 238 5'4 27 years old. I have not asked our in a very long time. I got r lazy after the birth of my son (he's 18 months). I really want to get healthy. I struggled with my weight ALL my life. ALL encouragement is welcomed! Anyone else currently doing or have have finished it?


  • Calimama123
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    I'm doing it, currently on day 7, it's somewhat challenging but I feel like the workout is already SO much easier than the first day
  • socajam
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    You would not believe that early last year I was able to do Weeks 1, 2 and 3 one after the other without feeling too tired. Now that I have let myself go, I am struggling with week 1. I shall stick it out because it really works.
  • TripZeros
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    Hey there :) I'm a mom to a 3 year old boy. I'm currently on day 5 of the 30DS, 6 Week 6 Pack, and Ripped in 30! I do the 30DS about every 6 months, but it's my first time doing the 6W6P and Ripped in 30. The 30DS really helped me get back into the groove of working out after having my son. Plus it was only 25-30 minutes, which was exactly what I needed.
  • tasch79
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    I'm doing 30ds at the moment and on day 5 of workout 2. I do it every second day (the other days I am doing the C25K). I'm finding workout 2 fairly tough but I think its getting easier each time. I think?!
  • kbgiggle
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    Hi I just started as well I am on week 1 day 4 I just had my 2nd daughter in May. I am hoping it helps with my middle. I was thinking of doing the 6 week 6 pack ...do you do 2 workouts a day?