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I am hoping to get some help on quick, nutritious meals for the days I am just not up for spending much time in the kitchen. Besides being something I can throw together quickly the recipes cannot contain any wheat, spelt, sugar cane, soy, nuts, or millet. I prefer to stay away from cheese as well, but it is not a no-no for me.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!


  • makaryan11
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    Can of tuna and pita chips, almond(peanut , sunflower seed) butter and toast, stir fried veggies and chicken breast( takes 5-7 min) , eggs, sandwiches, I hope this helps.
  • nankdesign
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    Hello livelovelearn I recently put this together on the fly. A can or pouch of black beans drained and rinsed. From there you have choices. I softened some garlic and onion with some olive oil over med to low heat, added available spices of oregano and basil ...I had fresh and added dry. Tossed in the beans long enough for flavors to marry.. All that in five to ten minutes. Serve with quinoa... I added a bit of cumin or cayenne to the quinoa while cooking. Off heat, Add a fresh veggie to beans if you like such as scallions or green peppers. A squeeze of fresh lemon. Enjoy hot or cold. Make enough for leftover. The recipe originated as a salad so except for the quinoa you wouldn't have to cook but I preferred.
  • buttersbunch
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    You can quickly grill chicken or fish, or bake it and use leftovers for other quick 'warm up' meals. I also either steam,
    grill or bake veggies galore to make quick 'warm up' sides for lunch, dinner and even to throw in breakfast omelets!

    A crock pot is also a nice way to 'fix it and forget it' for dinner... throw it all in the crock pot at breakfast, turn it on LOW and you have a no fuss dinner hot and ready!

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    I have made a big batch of vegtable soup and frozen it into individual portions, then they just need to be defrosted in a microwave and heated up.
  • LivLovLrn
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    thanks for the ideas. I usually cut my veggies fresh but I think it would be a good idea to get some bags of pre-cut ones for the freezer. Also I use quinoa primarily for breakfast (just cook it and eat it) or in tabouli salad...I like the idea of tossing it with some veggies and herbs (and the black beans!)