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HI guys, new to the community

I have been using MFP app for a while now but never really checked out the website, Happy to meet you guys.

I have a question that i did not find in the "newbie please read thread" . As I lose weight i see the app recalculates my daily calories. When I started using MFP i was eatting 2100 calories then 1900 and now its at 1700 my question is how low does it go? I really don't want to be part of the group eatting 1200 calories a day.


  • jdad1
    jdad1 Posts: 1,899 Member
    It goes as low as your goals tell it to go. (It will never go below 1200 though) Your calorie deficiet is set up dependent on the information that you put into the system. The best way to explain this is just to say that your calorie goals should change as your weight loss goals should change. If you are close to your goal for example then you should change your weight loss goal to less per week. Also if your working out more then your intake can change as well. People change as they go throughout this process.

    So as you learn what your doing start to feel more comfortable setting your calorie goals up yourself. Update your weight loss goals to what you want them to be.
  • johnelwell
    johnelwell Posts: 38 Member
    You can always pick to set the goals yourself and use MFP as a food diary come lifestyle reminder, thats what I do, my goals I have set myself, I don't want to be a stick insect but prefer a toned muscular look. Check out our group My Fitness- Our Fitness if you're looking to join a like minded bunch of people for chat and a bit of motivation
    John Elwell
  • aquamarinex
    aquamarinex Posts: 42 Member
    I am not sure how low it goes but maybe I should be relieved it doesn't go below 1200 calories as being quite little height wise etc I had to start on that and am now exercising in some form every day to earn back more to eat - but if you workout you do at least get the credit lol
  • nardo77
    nardo77 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi All

    I am new to my fitness pal but i must have made a profile in jan 2012 by the look of it and did not give it a chance but now im back and i am loving it, i joined at the start of the week, my work mate and i are counting calories together and keeping each other motivated. i have a lot of weight to shed so help with motivation would be good.