What Keeps You Going?

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I've fallen off the wagon many times. What keeps you guys going? Or, if you've lost all the weight you wanted to already, what kept you going? You never know, this might be very inspiring. :)


  • Browneyedgirl140
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    Several things:
    1. The feeling I will have once I reach my goal. I did it! No can help me do it, they can recommend stuff and encourage me but in the end it is the effort I put in it to succeed.

    2. Age. I don't know how old you are but I am turning 30 this year, I know 30 is not old by any means but for some reason I feel like I have to accomplish something in my 20s. My goal- be a fit as I have ever been by 30. After gaining 50 lbs in my early 20s, then losing 60lbs a few years ago I have gain half that back. This is my motivator right now. I see it as coming into my 30s ready to conquer!

    Starting over sucks- but you will find the strength and the goal that will motivated you to get where you want to be. Remember is it not a sprint and it can take month and years, we all have our bad days, weeks, even months. You will be able to recognize this and get back on track.
  • Lutielu
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    Motivation always depends on the person but mine is my family. After trying and failing for years because I wanted to be skinny I changed my goal to wanting to be physically fit. I want to be able to pick up and run with my family in case of a disaster. The good eating habits and weight loss goes hand in hand with becoming fit. Whenever I start to waver I picture being the weak link in my family's survival and it gives me a giant boost.
  • Spook_Nuke_Em
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    My kids keep me going. I knew at 330+ lbs I wouldn't be able to be around to see them grow. Lots of ups and downs, but now I'm at 210lbs and still going.

    Stay strong, you got this!
  • Psychgrrl
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    Lifting heavier weights, improving my running times, being able to wear my new and much smaller wardrobe. Over 85 pounds lost, kept it off for about 18 months now. :smiley:
  • yhealthy2000
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    Unless something like illness or other disability stops me from working out and healthy eating...I'm not going to stop. My motivation? I want to do my best to not have diabetes. My dad had it. And, if I still get it after all this healthy lifestyle, I feel that I can cope better with it. I've been working out for now nine years with a focus in mind. Best to you!
  • kaysday
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    Being overweight for so long 300+ pounds and not able to have children because of it. Approaching age 30 and really focused on becoming healthy, not only for my unborn children but mainly for myself and peace of mind.
  • Triplestep
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    Progress keeps me going. I know this seems overly simplified, but it's really true - once you see some results, it becomes harder to do things that will counteract them.

    Start by making a commitment to log everything you eat; not a commitment to be perfect or even to make radical changes in your diet - just log. Everything. You'll start to see where your calories and nutrients come from, and it will probably motivate you to make some changes to what you're consuming. Eventually, this will produce the results that will keep you motivated to keep going.
  • Panda_brat
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    I've come to far to go back. I enjoy the increased energey
  • chrisnawoo
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    My kids since they are loosing weight and fit like their daddy and also doing it for to makes me happy again about how fit my clothes are and have more energy
  • ekarent38
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    Nothing fits and I refuse to buy larger clothes. I feel very uncomfortable so is a constant reminder.
  • tcatcarson
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    A positive cycle of results - see / feel the benefits, want more.
  • Machka9
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    What keeps me going? My goals.
  • WifiresGettingFit
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    I've only just started about 3 weeks ago. I've lost about 6 pounds so far and even that amount has made a difference in my everyday life (I no longer breath heavy/sound like i'm going to pass out when I carry a 24 pack of water from the car up a flight of stairs into the apartment). It's my motivator to keep going and get the weight off. That and most of my clothes were getting to snug or simply do not fit at all.
  • xveer22
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    I worte down ALL the benefits of losing weight, set them in order of my priority and read them everyday so they are burned into my mind
  • Rdsgoal16
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    Being able to get in the game instead of seeing life from the sidelines. I want to do many things which require some stamina (hiking, kayak, swim)
  • WifiresGettingFit
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    xveer22 wrote: »
    I worte down ALL the benefits of losing weight, set them in order of my priority and read them everyday so they are burned into my mind

    I like this idea!
  • smcrimmon84
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    For me - it's knowing how freaking awful it would be to have to lose these same pounds again. It's seeing progress, feeling confident.
  • Hornsby
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    The mirror...
  • Kelley0519
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    I've lost 82 lbs before and overtime, I put about 50 lbs back on :/ so remembering what it felt like being smaller (more energy for myself and son, better mood, healthier, better variety of clothing to choose from, etc) and seeing my old photos of myself when I was smaller and bigger...I've done it before so I'm determined to lose the 50 lbs plus some! :)
  • darrel_hardwork
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    I enjoy the feeling of my accomplishments at the gym, like I got more reps in with higher weight or I stayed on that stairmaster longer today and I feel great. Also I keep going because the more I do the more energetic I feel during the day. Also my 600 lb life and diabetes is inspiration for me to keep healthy.