Question for female lifters

Anybody try/use Creatine supplementation? How did you find it and what was your results?


  • babycatchfire
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    The only brand of creatine I use is Legion because I feel comfortable knowing its not full of a million artificial ingredients. I like how well it reduces soreness. No matter how much I lift or train; especially on leg day. +its not just pure creatine its a mix, naturally sweetened and has no proprietary blends. Its a good addition to my stack.
  • bellaa_x0
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    i used PFX3 by pharma fuel - no issues with water weight/retention, awesome pump, better endurance and continually breaking my PRs
  • jmule24
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    The studies show that women tend to be more non-responders than males do. Just get a basic creatine monohydrate. It's not something you take and notice immediate results, it takes weeks for you to notice any additional benefits if any.
  • SonyaCele
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    yeah i use it somethings. just plain creatine, nothing fancy. it helps me squeeze out a little more oomph in my lifting. thats about it, oh and the fabulous pump i get and rock hard muscles.
  • ltworide
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    I use plain creative monohydrate. I find it helps with muscle soreness.
  • steph2strong
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    Thanks for the input. I take supplements with BCAA's and beta-alanine but i've always avoided anything with creatine added thinking it would just add to water retention without any significant performance benefits.