5 km running time

I'm a 10 km runner. I just had baby last month so am in the process of working back to my pre-baby 10 km time of 47 min and then I'm hoping to cut further from there. I'm running 10 km in 48 min currently. However with a newborn I can't always fit in longer workouts and therefore have started to do some 5 km runs and training. I have never raced this distance, only 10 km and above, so I don't know what goals to set. My 5 km time yesterday was 22:25. I would love some suggestions on 5 km goals and how to make the most out of these shorter workouts. I find that I feel less motivated and accomplished when I can't get long workouts in.


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    That 7.17 a mile which is great for a woman. I don't race to win and usually pace at 10 ish for my runs. Work on the pace that best suits you and always strive to pr
    More importantly you had a baby last month and need to give your body 8 weeks to begin to heal. Wait before you go back out to run until you're cleared by a doctor. If you've been cleared ignore this.
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    You can try this calculator although it looks like you are already running a faster 5k than it would predict based on a 48 minute 10k.


    Why not just run a race and see where you finish then aim faster next time?
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    Good idea about the race, i'm going to look into that now.
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    That is a pretty good 5k time, especially if it was just a time trial and not a race! Maybe a good next goal would be to average under 7 minutes a mile? (under 21:45). My favorite workout for 5k training is 12x400m at current 5k pace, with 200m of recovery jog between. I also think it's good to log a mile or two each week at your goal pace so that you get used to how it feels. I'll do something like 1-2 miles warm up, 1 mile at goal pace, 1-2 miles cooling down. As the mile gets easier, I'll bump it up to 2 at goal pace. These two workouts, along with easier recovery runs and a longer run each week helped me cut my 5k PR from 24:39 to 21:07 in ~6 months.