February 2016 Weight Loss Challenge



  • rim14isluv
    rim14isluv Posts: 44 Member
    Name: Rai
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'6

    Start Weight (1st February): 203.6
    Goal Weight (1st March): 193

    5th February: 203.4
    12th February: 201.6
    19th February: 201
    26th February: 198.8
    1st March:
  • becbo22
    becbo22 Posts: 283 Member
    Starting late here but I've already made progress this month!

    Name: Becca
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'11"

    Start Weight (1st February):246.4
    Goal Weight (1st March):239

    5th February:244.8
    12th February:242.6
    19th February:
    26th February:242.2
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week:-0.4
    Weight lost/gained this month:- 4.2

    Successes/struggles this week: my weight was down to 241.2 but for some reason I've been stuck around 242. I think it's water retention from my sore muscles. Just have to keep going. Waiting for that woosh.
  • fidangul
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    @buxbert I feel the same about brushing teeth too. I've also read that brushing teeth regularly helps to prevent hunger triggers. I guess by this method, getting rid of the after taste of flavours is key. Anyway- it helps me too....
  • Roxmom66
    Roxmom66 Posts: 297 Member
    Name: Roxmom
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'2"

    Start Wt (1st February) 205.1
    Goal Wt 195.0

    5th February: 202.8
    12th February: 202.4
    19th February: 199.8
    26th February: 199.6
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: .2
    Weight lost/gained this month: 5.6

    Success: only .2 lost, a little disappointing, but a loss is a loss. BUT I did manage to reach 'onderland' which is a big, big boost for me. I had a few hiccups this month so I do know I can do better, which I will do next month. My goal for next month is to pick up the activity level.
  • Connie7355
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    Age: 60

    Start Weight (1st February):199.4
    Goal Weight (1st March): 194

    5th February:199.4
    12th February:198.4
    19th February: 198.4
    26th February: 197.4
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week-1
    Weight lost/gained this month:-2

    Successes/struggles this week: Up and down alot, only lost 2 lbs and not going to reach my monthly goal but finally feel like I'm back on track.
  • konagirl64
    konagirl64 Posts: 211 Member
    Name: Chris
    Age: 51
    Height: 6"

    Start Weight (1st February): 258.7 lbs
    Goal Weight (1st March): 250 lbs/248

    5th February: 257 lbs
    12th February: 254.6 lbs
    19th February: 254.4 lbs
    26th February: 252.4 lbs
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2.0 lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -6.3

    Successes/struggles this week: I feel so much better since increasing calorie intake to 1600 (changed 2# per week to 1.5# per week) , 1350 calories made me feel quite ill and no energy. Exercising everyday feeling great!!! I will make me goal, although only a couple days left
  • lislisa123
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    Name: Lisa
    Age: 31
    Height: 5'9"

    Start Weight (1st February):316.6lbs
    Goal Weight (1st March):306.6lbs

    5th February:314.6lbs
    12th February:313.2lbs
    19th February:312.2lbs
    26th February:311lbs
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week:-1.2lbs this week!
    Weight lost/gained this month:-5.6lbs

    Successes/struggles this week:I was hoping to be at 310lbs this week. Oh, well close enough.
  • konagirl64
    konagirl64 Posts: 211 Member
    @stimpy56 strong work this month. Have a wonderful vacation, see ya next month
  • DWBalboa
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    Name: DW
    Age: Old as dirt!
    Height: 5’7”

    Start Weight (1st February): 196
    Goal Weight (1st March):190

    5th February:195
    12th February:191
    19th February:190
    26th February: 190
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week 0 pounds
    Weight lost/gained this month: -6 pounds

    Successes/struggles this week: Still dealing with a jacked up toe and a bum hip and general oldness. Work schedule don’t help either. Added to the mess this week; I found out that I have been fighting a sinus infection for apparently two or more weeks. At least it was diagnose and now I can hopefully get back on track.

    Good luck to y'all, stay strong, stay true!
  • tinacuso
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    Name: Tina
    Height:5' 6"

    Start Weight (1st February): 170.7
    Goal Weight (1st March):165

    5th February:169.5
    12th February:168.0
    19th February: 171
    26th February:167.9
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2.8
    Weight lost/gained this month: 2.8

    Successes this week: Back on track…back to where I was two weeks ago. Hopefully I will see 167 by Wed
    Struggles this week: Chocolate and late night eating….
  • February 12, 2016 8:55AM
    Name: Ranger's Mom
    Age: 42
    Height: 5'4"

    Start Weight (1st February): 172.4
    Goal Weight (1st March): 164

    5th February: 169.6
    12th February: 168.7
    19th February: 166.6
    26th February: 164.6
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 2
    Weight lost/gained this month: 7.8

    Successes/struggles this week: success: drank plenty of water/added workouts, struggle: a cookie or two
  • Lazuliz
    Lazuliz Posts: 21 Member
    Name: Jessica
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'3

    Start Weight (1st February): 130
    Goal Weight (1st March): 123

    5th February: 128
    12th February: ????
    18th February: 126.5
    26th February: 125.5
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -1.0
    Weight lost/gained this month: -4.5

    Successes/struggles this week: Had a terrible day on Tuesday, so basically ate my feelings. But the rest of the week was great. Got plenty of cardio in, need to focus more on strength training. Starting to think 7lb weight loss goal was a bit ambitious for one month. Oh well, still happy to be losing weight!
  • vivimifit
    vivimifit Posts: 23 Member
    Name: Evelyn

    Start Weight (1st February):186
    Goal Weight (1st March):176

    5th February: 183.2
    12th February:180.8
    19th February: 177.3
    26th February: 175.3
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2
    Weight lost/gained this month:-10.7

    Successes/struggles this week: Too much night snacking but I walk a lot ( like 150k steps per week) so weight is going down. Bike and weights still not touched -well there is plenty of space to improve. Overall I'm happy about the results :smiley:
  • 2portera
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    2portera wrote: »
    Name: 2portera
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'7

    Start Weight (1st February): 233.8
    Goal Weight (1st March): 210.0

    5th February:230.0
    12th February:
    19th February:
    26th February:225.4
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week:
    Weight lost/gained this month:

    Successes/struggles this week:
  • cpanus
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    Name: Chris
    Age: older
    Height: 5'7"

    Start Weight (1st February): 137.4
    Goal Weight (1st March): 130.0

    5th February: 137.4
    12th February: 141.6 :'(
    19th February: 138.0
    26th February: 141.4 :'(
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week:
    Weight lost/gained this month:

    Successes/struggles this week:
  • sheafferlynn
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    Wt 204 no change this week:( down 1.5 so far this month...
  • tabloop
    tabloop Posts: 51 Member
    Age: 46
    Height: 5'8"

    Start Weight (1st February): 195
    Goal Weight (1st March): 190

    5th February: 199.5
    12th February: did not weigh in
    19th February: did not weigh in
    26th February: 194
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 1
    Weight lost/gained this month: 1

    Successes/struggles 1st week: What?! I gained 4.5 lbs in 5 days?! I didn't even know that was possible. The scale is going the wrong way. I exercised every day. I didn't eat super great, but I didn't eat horribly either. I went over a few days, but not by much. Heavy sigh. Hopefully next week will have a better #.

    Successes/struggles 2nd week: Had emergency gall bladder surgery on the 10th. It sort of put a damper on exercise. Ha. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things this week.

    Successes/struggles 3rd week: Still recovering from surgery. It's not that bad actually, but I am following Dr's orders and taking it easy. I usually jump right back into things if I feel fine. Then it backfires and I realize why they say go slow even if you feel good. Ha. I will weigh myself this Friday. I think things will be close enough to normal that whatever the scale says will be legit. I was afraid it would show too much loss because of my tentative and careful eating after surgery which is not how I usually eat. I know I'm not going to reach my goal because of the huge jump the first four days (still think that's crazy), but hopefully I will not have gained any. I love this challenge and am looking forward to continuing it next month as well.

    Successes/struggles 4th week: Well, this month didn't go as planned, but I am happy to have lost 1 lb. Here's to a more successful March!
  • ladyraiah
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    Name: Lisa
    Age: 31
    Height: 5'9"

    Start Weight (1st February): 220
    Goal Weight (1st March): 215

    5th February: 218
    11th February: 216
    19th February: 212.8
    26th February: 209.2
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -3.6lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -10.8lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: Success- Tracked everything, every day. Only day I went over was today, because it is my birthday and I planned for it. Worked out for 2 hours this morning to offset some of it.
    Struggles-- Struggled a little with hunger and didn't make it to the gym as many days, but still did good.
  • DeannaLD13
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    Name: Deanna
    Age: 56
    Height: 5'4"

    Start Weight (1st February): 140
    Goal Weight (1st March): 135

    5th February: 140
    12th February: 139
    19th February: 138.5
    26th February: 138.5
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 0
    Weight lost/gained this month: 1.5 lbs. lost

    Successes/struggles this week: Need to get back to the gym daily.
  • SlimEdgar
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    jesshinson wrote: »
    Name: Jess
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'6"

    Start Weight (1st February): 184 lbs.
    Goal Weight (1st March): 174 lbs.

    5th February: 180 lbs.
    12th February:
    19th February:
    26th February:
    1st March:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -5 lbs.
    Weight lost/gained this month: -15 lbs.

    Successes/struggles this week: My success came today when I stepped on the scale and saw that I now weigh the same as my fiance. That was my first goal I wanted to reach.

    My struggle came this week in the form of starting a 30 day free trial at a new gym in town with my best friend. But between a full-time job, full-time college, and a 2 year old, she doesn't have much time to go after work so we've been getting there around 6:40 for the past three mornings. I don't remember the last time I regularly woke up at 6 a.m. Even when I worked about 40 minutes from home, I was still able to get up at 6:30 a.m. for work. Sweets have also still been a struggle for me to avoid :/ I always crave them at night around 8 p.m.