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    Mon, Tues, Thurs - gym at 7am, at work for 8.40am, have breakfast at desk. Weds, Fri, swim at 7am, same deal. Tues - pilates class 6-7pm, Weds kettlebell class 6-7pm. Weekend - hike, paintball, home workout or similar on one day, stretching/yoga other day (the day I consider rest day). The trick is to find a gym near work (or work out at home) and work out at the start of the day - it might seem a slog the first few weeks to get up earlier, but it can really focus your mind. Also, don't sleep in on the weekend - get up at the same time you always get up. It'll help you maintain a good sleep cycle, and also get you in the habit to not waste time on a weekend so you're more inclined to go out and work out. I find booking exercise classes also forces me to go to them, it's a commitment not just to me but also the instructor so I feel rude if I don't attend.

    I have a desk job and thankfully no kids to consider, but we are also currently doing up the shell of a house we bought, which means evenings are usually painting/plastering/DIY/tidying up as it's a big time-drain.

    Bear in mind, this routine took a LONG time to figure out, and it was only when I realised I'd have more time in the day if I got up earlier that I figured out how to fit in all the exercise I need to get to my goals.

    Good luck, you can do it!
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    Park further from your work and walk the rest, walk at lunch, or go to a nearby gym at lunch, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator to your office, find a gym between your house and work, do a home workout when you get home before you've started to relax or eat food. If you work a 40 min walk not a 40 min drive, run the way home. Etc. There's tons of things you can do. I hate the idea of getting up early to go to the gym so I go at lunchtime and then sometimes do yoga or something when I get home, before dinner.
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    I have a desk job and my commute is about 50 minutes in and 1hr-1hr 15mins back due to traffic. Normal routine, leave the house at 6.55am and usually home 6-6.30pm. I wouldn't say I'm overly active Mon-Thurs. I do walk sometimes on my lunch break, but we're only allowed to eat certain foods at our desk, so don't do this everyday. Office is quite small with no stairs, but I do try and get up once per hour to go to the toilet/get some water etc and it does add up. I will also take the dog for a walk after work most days, but Mon-Thurs this is about it.

    I do get half days on Fridays and then usually have a very active weekend, out with the dog, looking after my horse and so on, easily 40,000-50,000 steps over Saturday and Sunday.
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    Tell them you are going for a cigarette and go for a run around the block....
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    Walk part of your way to work (if possible), walk at lunch, stand up and stretch regularly, see if you can turn your desk into a partial standing desk (i've heard it helps but i'm not a fan).
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    I found it much easier to move in my last job (*5th floor of a big building and much better more structured breaks) this current job I work an extra half hour more, get only a half hour lunch (used to an hour lunch and 2 15 min breaks and my last job was on the same road as my gym!) Now I have to get a lift to and from work so I just do a 25 min walk on lunch and then eat at my desk when Im back. By drinking more water I naturally need the toilet more which is a flight of stairs each time, this soon adds up over the course of a day! My workouts at the gym depend heavily on my partners work schedule (she works 3 days, 3 nights and 3 off so we basically go to the gym together on her 3 days and 3 off) so basically every 9 days we aim to get about 4 or 5 workouts at the gym! Ive found the weather really affects my walks right now but I have a fitbit and if I don't hit my steps by the time Im home I walk laps around the apartment whilst dinner is cooking!!
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    Saw this article on Mark's Daily Apple about creating an active workstation.

    Most of the stuff seems a bit out of there for the corporate headquarters of the Fortune 500 company I work for but some may be able to use part of this.
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    I have a desk job from 8 -5 every day with a 20 min train commute and 15 min walk each side of the train. I get up 15 mins earlier than I need to and walk to the next station. Then I get off the train a stop early. That's 60 mins walk before work. Its a struggle when its cold and wet but you get used to it! I have a radio and spotify to listen to!
    I try and do the same on the way home but its not always possible. I also am lucky enough to have a gym at work so I go at lunch. If I don't go to the gym, I got for a walk outside.
    Easily get 15,000 + steps!
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    Walk to the furthest water cooler for water and the furthest bathroom from your desk. It all adds up. Get off the bus home a few stops early.
    This is what I do. I also got a smallest refillable water bottle I could get so I could have a frequent trips to refill it and where I work, it's a 3 story building. I work on the 3rd floor and though I have access to the bathroom and water cooler on my floor, I go to the first floor and use those instead, taking the stairs of course.

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    ShashayLee wrote: »
    i get up from my desk every half hour or an hour & walk round the halls, it helps :)

    and I do an hours workout before work from comfort of my own home (lift weights/ do youtube workouts)
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    I have a desk job at the far end of the building on the ground floor. Every hour I get up, walk up to the third floor and to the other end of the building and back again. At lunch-time I will go outside rain or shine and walk around the building (twice if it's a nice day).

    I call in at the gym on my home from work three times a week.
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    jemhh wrote: »
    Work out before or after. Just get it done.

    Sedentary behavior begets sedentary behavior. Active behavior begets active behavior.

    Yes, it's that simple.

    I wake up at 4:30 am to workout, start work at 6:30, have a desk job and love going home knowing i've already done my workout.
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    I know you say you are tired when you get home, but after sitting all day I can guarantee its mental tiredness, not physical tiredness. No excuses. If you want it, you will make it happen.
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    KateTii wrote: »
    Walk part of your way to work (if possible), walk at lunch, stand up and stretch regularly, see if you can turn your desk into a partial standing desk (i've heard it helps but i'm not a fan).

    You can leave 15 minutes earlier and park/get off the bus farther away from work. 30 minutes walking per day right there. I actually bring my sneakers in on stormy days when I don't want to walk outside and put them on for my 15 minute breaks and use the back stairs. I have a timer set for every hour to get up to stretch and walk to the water cooler. If I'm not actually typing I do most of my work standing up. I've told my bosses not to bring me anything they need done - I'll go and get it from them. Skip the elevator.

    I get at least 10000 steps a day in before I get home at 5 pm. There are lots of things you can do.

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    I've always been desk-based, but when I started with MFP/FitbBit seriously, I realised what a difference the moving around I wasn't calling 'exercise' was making. It's tough, but since I heard that "sitting is the new smoking" (!) I am more aware of the need to move than ever!

    Walking to and from work is a blessing for me, come rain or shine. I try to get up every hour at work- use the bathroom on a different floor or head to the kitchen for more water and I get a walk in every lunchtime. I also get home around 5/5 thirty and will often do something in the evening to make sure I make it to at least 10,000 steps/day. I manage to get 10,000 steps in during the week way more often than at the weekend.
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    I have a desk job. I've had a desk job for years. I still work out between 6 and 7 hours per week. I find that if I go straight from my office to the gym or yoga, I get it done. If I stop off at the house first, I am there to stay. I have friends who go to the gym before work...I'm not a morning person so that doesn't work for me but it might for you. Stand up and stretch at least once an hour. On your morning, lunch and afternoon breaks, get up and take a short walk. Walk up and down the stairs a few times. If you don't have stairs, just walk around the building. If you building has a gym, take advantage when you have a few minutes. Ask if there is the option for an ergonomic desk that moves up and down. Mine allows me to stand up or sit down. Many companies offer them.
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    I just had my 18th anniversary at my desk that time I've gained & lost over 100#. I walk during lunch, or steps in the bldg and then stop for a workout before I head home at night. I also avoid the lunchroom.

    I start work at 8a & home around 6:30p
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    I have the same drive length as you, and it was very difficult to find the time or motivation once I got home. I ended up joining a gym 5 minutes from my office. That way, I work out in the morning (takes less time to get there because I'm driving way before the morning rush hour), then go to work from there. I hate mornings. I'm not a morning person at all. But I love the gym, so I had to make the time for it in the morning.
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    I used to love gym in the morning before work, unfortunately I just know the person I gert a lift from wouldn't pick me up from the gym as its out of the way whereas I live near to her house so she picks me up on her way past :( its the biggest thing I miss to the point I would consider moving jobs to be near my old gym in the city!

    Also you guys are quite lucky, in my last job I was always doing all the above, walking around every hour, furthest water cooler, always used stairs and not the lift but here if I go to the bathroom more than 3 times my manager has a dig that I spend too long away from my desk! Everyone in work knows I am trying to lose weight and under medical advice to do so, so I started doing laps round our very small (only holds 6 desks) office every time I had to file something away I would only lift 1 file at a time and do several trips but my manager got mad and said I had to sit down :( I wish I had a little more freedom to move away from my desk in work :(
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    I know you say you are tired when you get home, but after sitting all day I can guarantee its mental tiredness, not physical tiredness. No excuses. If you want it, you will make it happen.

    Absolutely. I have more energy in the afternoons and evenings now that I walk at lunchtime. I currently take a 75 minute lunch and make up 15 minutes at the end of the day, but probably as short a walk as 15-30 minutes would do the trick. Also, I periodically get out of the chair and move around.

    And if I still don't feel like doing strength training at night, I force myself anyways.