Can you share your success stories despite weight loss stalls and plateaus?

missjazminenicole Posts: 379 Member
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I'm 18 lbs down and i just finished my third month. I'm at a stall now that's last at least three weeks and I have been exercising every day and tracking every day as well. I'm frustrated and I really could use advice and tips on how to break the stall, and also how you emotionally cope or wait out stalls like this. Can you share your experience? I'm having trouble feeling like this will pass.


  • queenliz99
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    double check for logging accuracy. Weight loss is not linear. Other than that, you just have to keep going.
    LSUPHI Posts: 6 Member
    How do your clothes feel? I am on pace with you, I also had lost around 18 lbs in about 3 months, (holidays included plus two kids birthdays) and have seemed to have stalled, but my clothes keep getting looser and looser. I am not too concerned about the numbers of the scale if my pants keep falling off. Just keep on keepin on. Congrats on the first 18 lbs.
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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    There were two months I lost nothing then I lost 8 lbs all at once. Just keep on track, you will be rewarded!
  • missjazminenicole
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    Thanks guys!
  • adelinue
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    I've plateaued twice this past month and half. First one was two weeks; i only lost 1lbs (and that was probably water weight) then after the second week i dropped 2lbs in a day, three days later 2 more lbs, in total that week following the plateau I lost 6lbs. After that I lost consistently around 2lbs a week for two more weeks then platau-ed again for around three week; finally began to lose again last Monday (1/25) (Lost 5lbs in that week, from Monday 1/25 to Monday 2/1. I weight myself weekly so I don't know if I'm still losing. We'll see next Monday I guess xD).

    I didn't do something different to break the plateau, it was really depressing and I must admit that the first time it happened I began to workout less because I was too upset about the lack of loss. Kept with the tracking and eating carefully tho.

    Second time it happened I upped my calorie goal. It was brought to my attention that 1200cal a day for a 20yo active guy is too little (even tho I felt fine). By that point I was doing less and less cardio so I thought maybe that's why. The third week I only did Cardio once (weight training was a constant 3 times per week) and still lost so I don't think it was my working out that was posing problem; probably just my body acting out lol.

    After breaking out of plateau twice; I think I can handle the next one because now I know I CAN break those walls. Just keep at it and you will too ;) I didn't hit any plateau until I got in a normal BMI by the way. The first plateau I hit was litteraly once I got in a normal BMI and the second one was when I was 6lbs in; Now i'm only 10lbs from my goal weight (mid-normal BMI) so i'm guessing i'll be hitting another wall soon enough x)

  • cosmichvoyager
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    Pay attention to how you feel. If you're eating well and getting more exercise then feeling better is a great result to focus on.
  • JessiBelleW
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    Could be worth playing with your calories a little - 100 each day may do the trick? Often when I stall I need to be a bit more strict about what I eat as little bits here and there have crept in
  • zingers222
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    Just hang in there:) I was at the same weight for 6 weeks and just lost two pounds finally. I agree with the person who said weight loss is not linear. It takes time and sometimes our bodies take time to adjust to the weight we are losing. Good Luck!
  • You just have to stay the course.

    A lady at my WW meeting switched up her food (she had been alternating basically between 2 breakfasts for example) and broke through a very long plateau pretty far into her weight loss. That might help?

    Or you may want to try shaking up your workout--strength training? Kettlebell workouts online are awesome and free and you can just use a hand weight if you don't have a kettlebell. I find them very fun.
  • colwellk
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    When this happens to me, I swap out for some other goal temporarily. "I'm going to run three times this week," say, or "I'm going to do one hundred squats today and see how that feels," or "I'm going to cut out refined sugar for two weeks and see how that feels." I weigh myself every day because I like seeing the graph, but I never take the numbers too seriously, and I put a lot of stock in what I feel like.

    I also try to get more sleep when I hit a plateau. That sometimes helps.
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    I don't know how often you take rest days, but perhaps a week or half week of not working out is what your body might need to recuperate? Or eat something a little different for a week. (You can go over calories a little, but not like 500+) Other than that....keep on keepin' on. ^_^ I've been battling the same 10 lbs for several months. You just have to stick with it and sometimes you gotta change a few things up for your body to respond again. It's fun trying new things to see what you can add to your list of workout and food options. =D
  • missjazminenicole
    missjazminenicole Posts: 379 Member
    Thanks guys! I broke my plateau this morning! My plateau was 4 weeks long and this morning I got on the scale and saw - 2 lbs!!!! yayyyyy. So happy. I cut back on my cardio. I kept exercising but I decided to do planks and sit ups and squats on a few days as opposed to running on the treadmill. I also tried a bit of a zig zag with my calories. I ate a bit higher calories one day, and lower on the next. And getting more sleep and drinking more water may have helped too. I appreciate the encouragement and advice. It's so hard to stay motivated when the results come to a halt!
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