I Hate Jim Halpert

JeremiahStone Posts: 682 Member
I hate Jim Halpert from the Office. I hate his face. He basically thinks he's "so cool" and constantly makes faces at the camera acting like he's the only smart guy surrounded by idiots. I hate his face. I also hate the way he kissed Pam while she was engaged and then she calls off the engagement, then he started dating Karen, then tells Karen he still has feelings for Pam and then he breaks up with Karen for Pam. I hate his face.



  • AllTehBeers
    AllTehBeers Posts: 5,030 Member
    I like Tim better too...

  • AllTehBeers
    AllTehBeers Posts: 5,030 Member
    Well fine, I like Karen as well

  • onedayatatime12
    onedayatatime12 Posts: 577 Member
    Well I think that's what makes the audience like him so much. His quirkiness and the constant rivalry between him and Dwight. I like Jim. Also, I'm really disappointed The Office ended. :(
  • MelsAuntie
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    So don't watch the show. Whatever it is.